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In order to get the most out of this community, here are some tips and suggestions for newly joined members: ??✨

1) How to Search for Teachings on Awakenpedia

Use the search icon to look up any spiritual concepts & teachings that interest you and to explore what’s on the platform ?

2) Join the Member Forum

We kindly invite you to Join our Member Forum on Discord so that you can meet other members, connect with our Partners, book discounted healing services, sign up for a variety of free monthly events, & join support groups for specific health issues that you are experiencing. 

3) Download the Patreon Mobile App! [For Teachings Platform]

For iPhone/iPad users – download the app here.

For Android users – download the app here.

4) Download the Discord Mobile App! [For Member Forum]

For iPhone/iPad users – download the app here.

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5) Where to Start

It is suggested that you let your intuition guide you on where to begin with Awakenpedia. Here are some recommendations:

An Alternative way to begin exploring Awakenpedia’s Teaching Platform:

Beginner Teachings – If you are unsure of what Spiritual Awakening is and or you sense that you are just beginning to Awaken, start here to build a solid foundation.

Fundamental Teachings – If you sense that you are already Expanding in Consciousness, start here to deepen your foundation.

Bonus Teachings – Review these as you wish. As you navigate Life experiences you’ll likely find certain Bonus Concepts more interesting than others, but they are all just as valuable in helping you to remember who you truly are.

6) Member Forum Links

7) Important Things to Remember & Best Practices

7.1) Remember that we are using words to create signposts that point to the Indwelling Truth within,  which must be realized – these are pointers to the Truth, not the Truth in and of itself. As you read, see if you can sense that within yourself to which these words point.

7.2) You will often see words that contain capitalized first letters (i.e Self vs self), and when this is done, it is done to highlight and emphasize that the word is being drawn from its Truthful interpretation, as opposed to its Worldly interpretation.

7.3) It’s important to not get stuck on any specific word choice that is chosen to describe what is ultimately indescribable. You’ll ultimately have to let all words and concepts go so it’s best practice to not attach to any along the way.

7.4) It is recommended that you read no more than a few posts each day so that ample time is allowed for the words to marinate within you. If you read too much too fast you’ll likely miss the Essential Realization. With this said, consistent reading is important for your unlearning so please make sure to find time to read every day.

7.5) As you spend more time here, you may begin to find some of the material sounding redundant. Not only is this intentional but it is also inevitable as there is only One Truth, and the Transcendence of each individual concept is ultimately through the same One Essential Realization. Interpret any redundancy you may perceive as intentional reinforcement offered to deepen your Self-Realization. As you may be aware, it is often easy for the Ego to creep back in so that we forget the Truth and forget who we are, which makes repetition a necessary and healthy part of any authentic Spiritual Practice.

7.6) My Teachings are largely unedited to maintain their purity as they are being copied directly from the pen to paper through which they were scribed. With that said, please forgive any grammatical errors – Humans are imperfect.

8) If You Need Help

Message me – if any questions or concerns arise.

Message Support – if you are experiencing issues with the website or app

Submit a Question – if you have a question about Awakening or a specific teaching

9) If You’re Feeling the Love

Please consider making a Donation to Awakenpedia so that we may continue to serve humanity in our mission to Awaken the World.

10) The Most Important Thing

And above all – please relax your shoulders and enjoy this Awakening Journey, for:

“Nothing Real can be Threatened

Nothing Unreal Exists

Herein lies the Peace of God”

A Course in Miracles

Let’s Walk Home!??✨


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