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Essential Point:

The Breath is evidence of the indwelling Intelligent Divinity within you that bridges the Spiritual Dimension with the Physical Dimension. To bring attention to your Breath is to become aware of this Divinity. To keep your attention on the Breath is to connect with the Essence of God directly.


It is interesting to note how the Latin word “Spiritus” means “Breathing.” Old language often carries wisdom that is here for us to decipher.

This purview reaffirms the intuitive evidence that the Breath is a Holy Manifestation of the innate divine Intelligence within us, the Holy Spirit itself, that empowers our Human Form and allows us to be. When we become aware of our Breath and keep our attention on the Breath, we are directly connecting with the divine spirit within us, that is expressing itself through our human form. This is what it means to connect with One Self, and as such, Breathwork becomes an integral practice for Self-Realization.

The Breath, like the Inner-Voice, is a bridge that connects our Human Form with our Formless Being. It connects our lower self with the One Higher Self, and when our Awareness remains with the Breath continuously, it anchors us in the Vertical Dimension of The Now, the Being dimension itself. Awareness of the Breath gives us access to the Unknown from which we came, of which we are, and to which we return.

Breath is the channel through which divine Life Energy passes and empowers our Human Form. Without Breath, the bridge that enables the Life Energy to be provided to us disappears, and in such event, we’ve lost the Beingness that empowers our Form. It is at this point that we label the human as “dead” and the Human Form then must Dissolve as no Life Energy is further sustaining it.


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