~ Dreams & Nightmares

Essential Point:

To Dream is to be Unconscious, a state in which you confuse the Mind and World of Form with Absolute Reality. In other words, to Dream is to believe that which is False is Real, which is the Essence of the Insane State. You most often wake up from the Dream of Form when it turns into a Nightmare so that the Ego, as the Dream making device, implodes.


The Dream is a reference to the sleeping state of Consciousness in which most Humans reside today. The Dream arises through the Ego, through which you derive your sense of self and of Reality in the Mind. Similar to a Dream when we are physically sleeping, in which you do not know you are Dreaming, Sleeping Consciousness, or Unconsciousness, is referenced as a Dream State because it points to the False Reality that you do not know is False as you are experiencing it.

For most of you today, the Dream that you don’t know is a Dream is more traditionally known and called “My Life.” In Truth, however, it is the False sense of Reality that is made by your Conditioned Mind and only exists within your Mind. And when you are Identified with the Mind, you are completely unaware that you are living in an Illusory Reality as made by this Projection of Mind.

At this Level of Consciousness, you are Lost in the Dream. Most people can stay Lost in the Dream, not knowing they are even in the Dream, for their entire lives. They may even consider themselves to be Happy, as is the case when worldly conditions are favorable and “ignorance is bliss.” It is in this state of the “Comfort Zone” in which Awakening from the Dream is least likely. Why would you want to wake up from something that is cozy and pleasant, circumstantially speaking. In this case staying in an unawakened state is actually quite sensible, despite it not advancing your evolutionary purpose.

It is usually only when the Dream turns into a Nightmare, which is when conditions sour so that the Comfort Zone Dissolves, that the potential for Awakening heightens. It is when the Suffering from the Nightmare intensifies to become so intolerable, which is often referenced as “The Dark Night of the Soul,” that you’ll be motivated to wake up. And as the Ego Shell cracks and the Consciousness it stole is reclaimed you’ll Realize that who you Thought you were was simply that – a “Thought,” and nothing more. It was all an Illusion of the Mind – a “Dream,” if you will. And you only realize the Dream as a Dream when you wake up from the Dream, just as is the case with the Physical Dream.

You wake up from the Dream of Form which inspired your Relative Reality into the Absolute Reality of the Formless. As you Awaken from the Dream of Ego, the World and its contents do not change, but more profoundly your Interpretation of the World is what Changes. The Shift in Consciousness that is the waking from the Dream shifts the Interpretation of Perception so that your sense of self and of Reality completely transforms. No longer do you derive your sense of Identity from the Mind, as you now Know your True Self is what lies beyond the Mind, enabling it to be. You transition from self to Self – from caterpillar to Butterfly.

It must be highlighted that as you wake up from the Dream of Ego you become Aware that you may now be in another Dream, which is the Dream of the Universe itself. In this sense, you wake from your personal Dream to realize that you are in the Collective Dream. In this sense, Awakening while still in Human Form only grants you partial Freedom – it brings you to “The Edge of the Mystery.”

And under simulation theory, it is pointed to that Awakening is Nothing more than you, as a Sim, becoming Aware that you are a Sim in the Greater Simulation that is the Universe. In this view, we may be players in a video game realizing we are characters in a video game. And in this case, we are the sophisticated AI that we are trying to recreate, which would undoubtedly prove that we are in a Simulation.

In Essence, Simulation is a possibility of the Origin of Existence that cannot be ruled out, but also cannot be confirmed. And for the reason of inconclusiveness alone it need not be given much attention, but more so, whether we are in a simulation or not, it remains that the only Truth we Know with Absolute Certainty is that Pure Consciousness, or Pure Awareness is the only thing, or No-thing, that is and must be Real.


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