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Emotion is a type of psychological Form, and your experience of Emotion depends on your Level of Consciousness.


Emotion is a type of Psychological Form that is part of the Human Mind. It’s no different from any other type of Form except that it exists in one’s Inner Space and can be observed or noticed through Inner-Body Awareness.

Ultimately, one’s Level of Consciousness determines the Nature of Emotions one experiences and notices. Depending on the level of Consciousness, Emotions can be experienced as positive, negative, or neutral. As everything is of Energy and emits an electromagnetic signal, everything you come into contact with through Life experiences must be energetically processed. Your level of Consciousness determines how you will process that Energy – i.e. will you latch onto it or let it go?

At the higher levels of Consciousness, Emotion is experienced as a neutral event and Known simply as Energy in motion, so it easily passes through your Awareness without much friction. In this sense, the Emotion has no effect on you.

At the lower, Egoic levels of Consciousness, Emotion is experienced Judgmentally, which is to say Interpreted in degrees of positive and negative, or degrees of good and bad. The Egoic sense of Judgement ranges from subtle to blatant Nonacceptance of the Emotional experience and thus the Resistance of what is causes the Energy to get stuck in you, for you’ve given it your attention, you’ve given it Consciousness, which is to say that you’ve given it Life, and it now lives stuck inside of you.

This is the Essence of the Pain Body, which is trapped Energy that is not you, but in you, and therefore in need of release. Those with Egoic levels of Consciousness become the Emotion and in doing so, lose control of themselves. They throw tantrums, they have mental breakdowns, and lose their Peace.

At the higher levels of Consciousness, above the level of the human personality, Emotion is not Identified with as sense of self comes from them. At this level, they are inner experiences observed with neutrality from the seat of the watcher. At this level, people do not lose themselves in Emotion so that Peaceful equanimity is always retained. This is why those with more evolved Consciousnesses are able to handle adversity with more poise and why they are the most likely to be the leaders of the New Age.

The more Conscious you are, the more transparent you are and the more quickly Emotion is processed and passed through you. This is the essence of what it means to be truly “healthy.” In the Enlightened state, which is the highest level of Consciousness, Emotion passes through you almost immediately as it is experienced.

In the Deep Unconscious state, the state of deep Ego, Emotion does not pass through you quickly, as you are more dense, so that Energy sticks and takes longer to move through you, if at all. This is what it means “to hold on to something” or for something “to be eating at you,” and this is the default state for Unconscious humans. This is the essence of what it means to be “unhealthy.”

The negative Energy of an upsetting Life situation occurs, if not released, can harden into a mood, in which you are still holding onto that thing which may have happened several hours, days, or even weeks ago. This is the point at which the fluffy, pretty clouds start to turn grey.

Now, if this Energy remains trapped and continues to be re-lived in the Mind and Body, a mood can and likely will further solidify into a temperament, which is the further hardening of the trapped Energy in the Energy-system of the person. This is the point at which the grey clouds have turned into the beginnings of a thunderstorm – it’s starting to rain, there’s lightning, and it’s increasingly Dark so that the sun is increasingly blocked from sight.

This is when you see people who are in a negative state and you ask them what’s the matter and they tell you (if they even have the Awareness), “Oh something happened to me six months ago that I’ve been dealing with and haven’t been able to get over it.” Depression is starting to set in.

Now, if this trapped Energy continues to remain stuck in the person and is still not released, perhaps now over many years, a temperament can and likely will further harden into a predominating aspect of your personality. At this point you simply are that way and often you may not even remember why.

Your partner cheated on you 20 years ago and now you are simply a bitter, distrusting person, that despises men and doesn’t want to be in any Relationships. This single situation was given the Power to completely distort your personality, all because the Energy wasn’t processed and released. This is the point in the storm where the clouds are so Dark and they have been for so long that you completely forget the Sun even still Exists.

The more unprocessed, or unhealed experiences you collect and carry with you throughout your lifetime, the denser the Ego becomes. The net Energy impact across the totality of your Life experiences determines the overall conditioning of your personality, which determines the color of the World you see. In the Un-Awakened state, your personality creates your personal Reality, which is a Reality created by the conditioned Mind.

To Realize that you are not your Emotions, that you are not Form, is the beginning of Healing, the beginning of being able to release the trapped Energy of these Emotions. If you have a heavy Mind and carry the weight of a heavy personality, embodying significant trapped Energy, it may take some Time to un-condition all these conditionings.

To finish our analogy, if there are so many clouds and they are so Dark and dense, it may require a higher intensity of Light to pierce through and Dissolve them all, which is to say, the Light of Consciousness will likely need to be more pure and intense in its shining, and likely over a longer period of time, to dissolve the Unconsciousness that you’ve accumulated.

This is the “Sword of Presence” that the Great Spiritual Teacher, Eckhart Tolle often references, and we can use it to cut the chain that so often links us to our conditioned mental-Emotional patterns and blocks us from Being our essential self.


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