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Essential Point:

Energy is Information in motion, which is the Essence of what it means for something to be Alive. The Awakened State of Consciousness is the Realization of Self as Pure Energy.


Energy is the only true language of the Universe and the only currency that actually exists – it is what we speak and what we exchange as it is ultimately what we are.

Spiritualists have long Known, intuitively, that everything in Existence is of Energy, and now modern science has caught up to prove it. When looking at the Quantum atom under the microscope, matter as we’ve known it no longer carries any sense of solidity as it essentially Dissolves into One Spacious, Vibrating Nothingness, which is the fundamental Nature of “Pure Energy.” And further, this “Spacious, Vibrating Nothingness” is the essence of what it means for something “to be alive.”

The “aliveness” of everything in Existence expresses itself as an Energetic signal, and is confirmed by the electromagnetic field, which we can physically measure. This Energetic aliveness that is in you that is in me that is in the rock that is in the plant that is in the animal that is in all manifested forms is the same aliveness, the same Being, the same Energy, simply expressed and sustained at differing frequencies, at differing levels of Consciousness, differing levels of Energy.

There is no fundamental difference in anything in the Universe except its speed of Vibration; that is to say, except its Level of Consciousness. It is frozen in the mineral, asleep in the plant, waking in the animal, and SelfAware in the Human Being. The differing Vibrations yield differing appearances on the Physical Plane and thus suggest a fundamental Separation between things, but this is only what’s observed on the surface; the compositional essence of all Life remains as the same One Formless Energy, making all One in Truth .

Pure Formlessness vibrates at the highest Frequency and thus can be Interpreted as God, as Being, as Pure Consciousness, and or as Pure, Undifferentiated Energy, and it flows into all forms of Life to enable all forms of Life. In other words, in order to take shape and to be made Manifest, all forms demand Life Energy, and it is this One underlying, infinite Formlessness that supplies such Life Energy. This unchanging, constant Energy that empowers the varying Life Forms, including the human form, is who you are in your essence.

In this context, the Awakening-Journey can be described as Pure Energy waking up to realize itself as such. As Energy cannot be Created nor destroyed, only transmuted, the Awakening-Journey is recognized as a transmutation of Form Energy back into the Purity of Formless Energy from which the Form arose.

It is the full release of any and all Ego Energy that you carry, which has been diluting the purity of your Presence. This is the journey of coming Home, and when all Egoic Energy has been transmuted, released, or otherwise Transcended, so that only the Pure Energy of Being itself remains, you have fully dissolved the Ego.


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