~ Fear

Essential Point:

All Fear stems from the Fear of Death.

However, as Death as the end of Self is ultimately an Illusion, all Fear is the Fear of Nothing.


When Fear is examined closely and you keep asking why something is “scary,” you’ll see that all Fear stems from the One Fear, which is the Fear of Death – the Interpreted “end” of self, the end of “you.” This Fear of Death is so strong that you can spend your whole Life afraid to Live. You Do everything in your limited Power to prevent its occurrence and avoid its discussion.

You eat the right foods, work out regularly, visit all the doctors, make the most money, avoid taking unnecessary risks, and build as robust of a network as possible, but none of it works – none of it prevents Death. It never has and never will – Death still comes. The Essential point to Realize here is that without Death, there can be no Birth, which makes Death not only natural, but also necessary for our Existence in this Form. In this sense, Death is the opposite of Birth, not the opposite of Life, and as you are Life, Death does not end you.

In order to Live, Death must be faced head on and Accepted so that the Fear it holds over you can be Transcended and released. Fear is simply a Thought, and as such, the Fear of Death only Exists if your sense of self is derived through Thought, which is to say that you think you are your Mind and Body.

Only if you Believe that you are a Mind and a Body that is fundamentally Separate and disconnected from the whole can Death mean the end of self – the end of “you.” However, as you Awaken and disidentify from Thought, which is to disidentify from the Mind, the Ego – as the Illusory Mind-made self that produces all Fear – no longer has any power. It no longer has any Life as you’ve reclaimed all of the Life, or Consciousness, it had mistakenly been given. In this sense, when you are Liberated from your Mind you are Liberated from your Fear as well.

You come to Realize on the Awakening Journey that your True Self is inseparable from the One Soul, from the One Consciousness, which is both Infinite and Eternal, making Death not the end of you, but less devastatingly, the end of your current Form. At this Level of Consciousness, Death is then correctly perceived as the transitioning of you, as the Energy that you are, into its next Form, into the next vehicle for Consciousness to express itself and Incarnate through along its Evolution.

Death is only interpreted as something to be feared in the Unawakened state of the Ego. If the end of your Body and Mind still scares you it’s because you are still Identified with the Mind so that you derive your Identity from those Thought Forms. You are attached to the vessel of the Human and value the vessel because you mistakenly Believe it is you. And as a result, you still inherently carry Fear because your vessel is of Form and Form is of Impermanence. All vessels of Consciousness must dissolve in time.

When Death of the Mind and Body is fully accepted as the natural transition of Form and not the end of “you,” the Fear of Death Dissolves entirely. If you fully Know this, what is there to Fear? Yes, the physical and psychological Form of the Human still dies, which is to say that it Dissolves back into the Formlessness from which it came, but it’s not who you are so why does it matter? The True Self, the Real You, lives on.

This is the Essential and wonderfully Liberating Realization of Awakening that reveals how Fear is a simple Illusion of Mind because Death as the end of Self is an Illusion of Mind. The Human, that you are not, dies, while the Being, that you are, lives on. It’s immeasurably relieving to Realize.

Believe you are Essentially Human and Fear must seem to Exist, the Ego must seem to Exist, and Death must seem to Exist. Know you are Essentially Being and Fear cannot Exist, the Ego cannot Exist, and Death cannot Exist. All Illusions Dissolve with Enlightenment, and the Illusion of Fear that stems from the erroneous Belief that you are a finite and Separate self is perhaps the most fundamental of them all.


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