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The key to True Freedom is through full Awakening – the Enlightened state in which you have worked through all of your Karma so that you no longer have to Reincarnate and participate in the Dream of the Universe. Until this point, Freedom may be growing but it is still only partial.


Freedom, as Interpreted by the World, is perhaps most appropriately described as the total ability to do anything you please at any Time. Of course, in the un-awakened state, you do not know that it is not you who is making decisions, but the fictitious you that lives in your Mind, otherwise known as the Ego. Thus, Worldly Freedom stops at the level of Mind while True Freedom goes beyond it, and therefore it liberates you from the Egoic prison of the Mind itself.

You are not Free until you are able to regain control of your Mind from the grip of the Ego, in which it is currently held. Of course, if you are egoistically Identified you will Feel Free even though in actuality you are not Free. You are at the mercy of the Ego, which is at the mercy of the World – you are being whipsawed around with every golden nugget and shiny toy. Dangle a pretty bonus in front of a disgruntled employee who decided to quit and see how Free they are then – golden handcuffs, as they say, are powerful tools of influence to the Egoically identified. When you are attached to the contents of the World so that they augment your sense of self, you are not Free – you are controlled and manipulated by Form and by those who control Form.

You can only be truly Free when you are truly conscious and have absolute conscious intention driving your Responses and decisions. This is to say, you are only Free when you are in control of your Mind and have taken back Consciousness from the grips of it. Thus, the path to true Freedom becomes one of Liberating yourself from the Ego, Which is a function of liberating yourself from Attachment to the Mind and the World of Form. This Liberation is the Essence of Spiritual Awakening and the byproduct of Self-Realization, which is the Realization of that which lies beyond the Human MindBeing itself.

In the Awakened state, you are conscious. No longer are you asleep and unconscious, robotically reacting to the World. No longer a slave to your Mind. No longer a slave to Form. No longer manipulated with material promises or offerings. In Essence, you are Free of the egoic dysfunction that’s kept you In a state of entrapment that you mistakenly perceived as Freedom. The Liberation from this entrapment transmutes Suffering into Peace. Nothing in your outer World even has to Change for the Liberation to occur, the shift in consciousness simply shifts you’re interpretation of Perception so that while what you literally see remains the same, the meaning of it Changes.

Freedom comes through True Perception, which is sight unbiased by the Insanity of the Mind that gives the Ego its Life. Your sense of self is now far beyond the content of this World so that you are finally Free to play in it. In the un-awakened state, Freedom is an illusion. Awakening is the Dissolvement of This illusion so that you can truly be Free, beyond the encroachment of the Ego cage.

Of course, however, partial Awakening only grants you partial Freedom, which is the waking from one Dream to Realize that you are in another dream, in this case to wake from the dream of the Ego to Realize that you are in the dream of the Universe. Through Awakening, you are granted more Freedom as you can now play in the World and Manifest with intention, but you still are within the confines of the larger dream in which we are all part of, awakening or not.

Absolute Freedom is when we are able to wake up from the dream of the Universe itself, which in Essence, is our return back home to merge with Source – Full Awakening, Full Self-Realization. Until this point, our Freedom, like our awakening, is only partial.


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