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Essential Point:

As everything is moving at varying Energetic Vibrations, or frequencies, everything is alive. The Level of “Aliveness” of something is a function of its Vibrational Frequency. The highest Vibrational Frequency known is the Unknown, which makes nothing more alive than Pure Spacious Nothingness itself.


Quantum Physics has shown us that nothing is at rest, everything moves – everything “vibrates” and the only Real difference between “things” in the Universe, which is what Creates the difference in appearance, is the speed at which they vibrate, otherwise known as their Frequency. Thus, the Physical World as we Perceive it is full of solid things that in actuality are not really solid or things, but simply Energy moving in different frequential sequences and patterns.

An apple, a tree, a cat, a Human Body, a Thought, a rock, a building, a line of software code – they are all expressions of the One Consciousness vibrating at different frequencies. Replicate the Frequency, replicate the Form. The highest Vibration that we know of is the Unknown itself – Pure Silence and Spaciousness that is. For example, when a sound’s Frequency increases and continues to increase the Vibration ends up moving so fast that it becomes Silent, so that it transcends Human Sense-Perception.

The more “physical” something is, the slower the Vibration, the slower the Frequency – “more matter, less Energy.” The more “spiritual” something is, the higher Vibration, the higher the Frequency – “less matter, more Energy.” This is why Spirituality is accurately described as a journey of Frequency Ascension, with your Level of Consciousness being a proxy for your Frequency, or level of Energy. The more “Ego” you are, in that moment, the lower the Frequency and level of Consciousness you are. The more Ego-Dissolved you are, the more conscious and higher Frequency you become.

Our most natural, true Self is Pure Consciousness – the highest Frequency that does not actually Exist itself but is that which enables Existence. This is the Vibration of the Enlightened State and remembering this Pure level of Frequency as Self is the Essence of Spiritual Awakening and returning Home.


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