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Essential Point:

True Fulfillment primarily occurs on the Inner-Level of Being and secondarily on the Outer-Level of Human. Self-Realization is the Essence of True Fulfillment.


True Fulfillment is simply Realized through Being Here and Now, which means that there is nothing you need to do or get to be Fulfilled. In Truth, the Present Moment is Self-Fulfilling in and of itself and so your only requirement to have total Fulfillment is to be.

To be more fully understood, however, it is helpful to view Fulfillment as two distinct aspects of one combined journey. There is inner Fulfillment, which exists on the level of Being, and there is outer Fulfillment, which exists on the level of Human.

Our inner purpose is primary and the only function that truly needs to be Realized in order to be Fulfilled. Our outer purpose is secondary and it is irrelevant if the inner purpose is not Fulfilled. Our inner purpose is to Awaken to who we really are. It is to Liberate ourselves from the Mind in order to Dissolve the Ego so that we can access our Enlightened State of Being and Escape the Birth-Death cycle of Life to return Home and unite with God. Until your True Nature is Realized you will continue to remain unfulfilled and therefore will continue to Reincarnate based on your Karma, and your Karma becomes your Dharma. In this sense, total fulfillment marks the end of Karma and the end of Reincarnation into Form.

When you Awaken to who you really are, It is realized that there is no Absolute Outer Purpose – it is only Relative and therefore holds no Real Value. The human experience is to be used as a vehicle to liberate yourself from the Mind, and when this occurs, you are Free to enjoy the World, Knowing that you are of course in it, but not of it.

People tend to Do things like Create a family, travel, start a business, or support certain causes, but how you choose to spend your Time in this Incarnation is ultimately irrelevant except for how it contributes to your Karmic Balance. What you do or do not do on the human level, after Being has been fully Realized, does not hold much weight or seriousness anymore. At this point you Realize that the World is now a place for learning and for play. A place to enjoy and to extend the Love that you Realize you are in your Essence.

At this Level of Consciousness, the nature of your doing on the human level will be done with an inflow of Presence so that the moment becomes be Self-Fulfilling, which is the Essence of Awakened-Doing. This is doing from the Realization that they are already fulfilled and so the doing is now simply an extension of that fulfillment.


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