~ I Am.

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Essential Point:

“I Am.” points to the Unmanifested Dimension of Formlessness that underlies and enables all Manifestations of Form.

It is perhaps the most simple yet powerful affirmation of Self-Realization. Interestingly, as “I Am” also happens to be first person singular of the verb-based expression “To Be,” the expression can be further translated as “Being,” which is what you are in your Essence. You are Being – the One Being of Pure, Undifferentiated Energy that indwells as the empowering Life force not only within all Humans, but within all Life Forms.


“I Am.” – the most simple and powerful affirmation of your True Self, of your essence Identity. It points to the most essential Nature of who you are. It won’t have meaning until it does.

I am not this or that, I Am.

You are not this or that, You Are.

I am what you are. You are what I am.

We are One.

One Being.

There is no Separation between us. And there never has been, only the Mind Believed so. When you forget the essential “I Am-ness,” the Beingness of who you are, you are back in the Mind, back in the World of Form, Believing you are such “things.” You forget that you are not of this World and once again get pulled back into Believing you are. You get pulled back into Unconsciousness and forget who you Really are. You forget your “I Am-ness” and again Believe I am this and or I am that.

Such a sense of self is the fundamental error for “this” and “that” is always changing, but the I Am behind it, or underlying it, never Changes. As this or that who you define yourself to be will never stop changing. And in such case, you will never be for long who you say you are, which will keep you suspended in the uneasy state of fear and greed. This is the absolute Truth you do not Know until you Know, and once you Know, you’ll start to be Free from the World of Form, Free from the Mind, Free from the Ego, and Free from the Insanity you currently find yourself trapped in.

We are inseparable as we emanate from the same One Source. We are of One Being, and that is the most fundamental, True Self. We are emanations of the One Consciousness, the One unchanging Formlessness that enables all changing Forms to Exist. You are the “I am” that enables the I am “this” to Exist. This realization is the primary realization of Self that encapsulates the spiritual journey.

Its deeper meaning will come to you when you are ready.

See if you can sense the “I am” that you are in this moment…


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