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Essential Point:

Your Level of Consciousness refers to your Stage of Awakening on the Awakening Journey.

Your Level of Consciousness determines the way in which you Interpret the Perception that makes up your sense of self and Reality.


Your Level of Consciousness is inversely related to your Level of Ego, or Ego Density. As you Ascend in Consciousness, your Ego deflates. As you descend in Consciousness, your Ego Inflates. The Awakening Journey is one in which you ascend in Consciousness from Pure Unconsciousness to Pure Consciousness through the Liberation from your Conditioned Mind that fuels your Ego.

There are Five Essential Levels of Consciousness to be Aware of on your Individual Awakening Journey that you can use to help assess where you are.

– Level 0: Pure Unconsciousness

At this Level, you are totally Unconscious as there is no Awareness of Consciousness. You are your Conditioned Mind. You are your Ego. Rather, the Ego has stolen all the Consciousness – that you are – as if to become you, like some sort of imposter. But you don’t know this, you simply think it is “you.”

There is no connectedness with Being as there is no Awareness of Being, and so you only know yourself through your Humanness, through the totality of your Physical Form. At this Level of Consciousness, you are stuck in Survival Mode, living in a state of Chronic Stress and Egoic Dysfunction. Challenges deepen your Unconsciousness and intensify your Suffering, yet at this Level you still aren’t even aware that you are Suffering. It’s simply “Your Life.”

You are completely Reactive with no Real Attention Span as you cannot be Still, and you have no Real Intelligence as you lack access to Wisdom. At the deepest level, it’s as if you aren’t even Alive because you have no Real Awareness of what Life even is. You are completely Lost in the Lostness and you don’t even know it  – You are hopelessly on the Hamster Wheel, forever Pursuing Happiness, and fast asleep in the Dream of Form that you don’t even know is a Dream.

At this Level, you only see the world the way you are, rather than the way it is. You see the Projection of your Conditioned, Subconscious Mind, and in doing so, completely Misinterpret the True Nature of Reality.

Most Humans today still reside at this level of Consciousness.

– Level 1: Contracting Unconsciousness

At this level, you are still largely Identified with your Conditioned Mind and Unconscious, asleep in the Dream, yet the seedlings of Awareness that are planted in all of us are beginning to sprout at this stage. This is the stage where you become Aware through the Realization that you are Suffering and you become increasingly curious and eventually desperate as to why you are Suffering and how to make it stop.

As such, the noticing of your Suffering that is experienced as painful is actually Evolutionarily advantageous and necessary as it causes micro cracks in the Ego Structure, which paradoxically serves to ultimately contract your unconsciousness by first deepening your Unconsciousness -by deepening your Suffering.

With every additional Failure, Disappointment, collapse of Form, or other type of Disillusionment through which your Beliefs are proven to be untrue, the Suffering intensifies, exacerbating the Cognitive Dissonance, Dissatisfaction, and Confusion that precipitates your inevitable Identity Crisis.

This phase is best described as one in which the Ego Balloons to such an unsustainable weight and size through the intensification of Suffering that it ensures its own eventual collapse.

– Level 2: “The Awakening Moment”

This is the inflection point of Consciousness through which the weight of the Suffering Entity that is the Ego becomes too heavy to bear its own weight and it implodes. At this point in the Awakening Journey, you experience your first significant and noticeable Ego Death and take your True first steps into Consciousness from Unconsciousness.

This pivotal “tipping point” moment is one of great Courage and importance that often corresponds with “The Dark Night of the Soul,” which points to the time of Peak Suffering and discomfort through which the Unconscious grumpy Caterpillar metamorphosizes into the Conscious baby Butterfly.

It is crucial to Remember that the completion of Metamorphosis that occurs through the this inflection period is not guaranteed in your current Incarnation, making it a potentially very dangerous time for travelers. This is the Level of Consciousness where most suicidal people currently reside, remain stuck, and attempt to end their lives. For this is the time of Peak Suffering in which the pain is rather intolerable and, as such, many decide to end their lives before the Life-saving Awareness can come in.

To this end, The “Awakening Moment” is a stage of the Awakening Journey not to be taken lightly or for granted. Be particularly easy on yourself and others as they are going through this phase and lend your support where you can. It’s a wild ride that tests the Faith of all of us.

– Level 3: Expanding Consciousness

This is the stage in which you grow in Consciousness and experience great influxes of Awareness that shift your fundamental sense of self and sense of Reality. Your interpretation of perception completely transforms during this stage and Challenges now serve to deepen your Consciousness rather than to deepen your Unconsciousness.

It is a period of relief that is welcome after Suffering for so long in so much Stress, Disillusionment, and Confusion. You can finally breathe as you exit Survival Mode and enter Creation Mode, the State of Being in which you Consciously Co-Create as a partner with God to intentionally design and Manifest your Physical Reality. As you become Aware of Life, you become aligned with Life. Now the Universe is working for you.

You can still get pulled back into the Ego and often may vacillate, but you tend not to linger there for long as your base level of Consciousness is now rooted in Being, rooted in The Now, rather than in Time and in the Conditioned Mind as it was before. At this Level, you increasingly operate from the Seat of Consciousness, which is beyond the Mind.

Be careful not to develop a Spiritual Ego at this Level, which is a rather common tactic of the Ego to trick you and hook its claws back in you as a last resort attempt to stay Alive.

– Level 4: Pure Consciousness

This is the “Jesus” or “Buddha” Level of Consciousness, in which you are fully Self-Realized so that there no longer is any “you,” which means that no Identification with the Conditioned Mind or Human Form remains. The Ego has been completely Dissolved and only Pure Consciousness itself remains as your sense of Self. But even this too is shed – Nothing remains. You have fully Transcended your Humaneness through Realization of your Beingness – you are fully Alive.

And it is at this Level of Consciousness, at this stage of the Awakening Journey, that you are ready to access The Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Moksha, or whatever other Expression that can be used to point to the fully Liberated state in which you do not have to Reincarnate back into Form, for you have fully Realized yourself as the Formless.

Very few Humans dead or alive have yet reached Level 4  – Pure Consciousness – but it is the birthright and destiny of every human to do so. It is the One True Home that all Earthly roads ultimately lead to. The Evolution of Consciousness serves to evolve all Forms of Consciousness back into Formless Consciousness, which is Pure, Unconditioned Consciousness.


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