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Essential Point:

In your essence, you are Life, which means that you cannot lose it.


In your Essence, Life is who you are – the unchanging, Eternal, infinite, formlessness of pure Consciousness that is derived directly from Source and empowers the Awareness of experience. Life can also be understood as the indwelling Energy flow – Prana – that enables and shapes all forms of Existence, which includes Existence itself.

It is untrue to call it “your” Life, for there is nothing personal about it. Life, as Eternal Consciousness, is simply being expressed through you as a vehicle of Form and you are waking up to this Realization. This is what the great Eckhart Tolle means when he says, “Life is the Dancer and you are the Dance.”

Life cannot be lost but it can be forgotten or otherwise confused with your Life situation, which is not Life but rather the outer circumstances of Life that are in constant flux. There are many Life situations, but only One Life; there are many humans, but only One Being; there are many expressions of Consciousness, but only One Consciousness.

To derive your sense of self from your Life situations gives birth to Ego, which causes Suffering. It is through the remembrance that you are Life and not your Life situation that Suffering ends and Peace starts. Such Realization is the essence of Awakening to your True Self.


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