~ Love

Essential Point:

You are Love, which is Realized when you see no other.


It is what you are, and your function as a human is to Realize this and then extend yourself as it.

As you continue to ascend on the Awakening-Journey you increasingly come into this Knowingness, with growing certainty, until it simply is what is. True Love is Pure, Unconditional, and nonspecial.

Love approaches the highest Frequency on the Energetic scale and it is the Essence of Existence itself. It is a Divine expression on the Physical Plane. It is in you and of you just as it is in everything and of everything. It is a pure emanation of God, hence the well known expression – “God is Love.”

Love is who you are you, which means that you cannot lose it, as it is both infinite and Eternal in its Nature. However, you can forget that you are Love, which is what happens when you get pulled back into the Egoic and Unconscious State known as Fear.

To “Fall in Love” is an Egoic expression in which you fall below Thought and go Unconscious, while to “Rise in Love” in an expression of Truth, in which you rise above Thought and ascend in Consciousness, which is the essence of the Awakening-Journey.

To see from “a Place of Love” is to see from the place of True Perception, which is Perception without the Interpretation of Mind, and this “place” is the Dimension of Pure Consciousness itself, which is who you are in your essence.

When everything is seen with Love and Realized as the One Loving Self, one is fully Aware of Truth. With the Realization of True Love, there is no Separation or “Other,” so there is no Ego, and only Being remains. This is the Awakened state.


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