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Essential Point:

Meditation is not something you “Do” – it is the Realization of Being, in which you merge with your essential Self in the Still state of No-Mind.


Meditation is not something you “Do” – it is the realization of Being, in which you “Do” Nothing. In fact, it is the State of Being in which you realize no-thing, No-Body, No-Mind, and No-Time.

True meditation is the practice of Awareness through which you observe the senses in order to go beyond them, to connect with Source, to connect with God, and to connect with your most essential Self as Pure Consciousness. Consciousness becoming Conscious of itself is the realization of Pure Consciousness, which is the Essence of the Enlightened state.

In the truly meditative state, Presence is implied. Presence is necessary to realize Being. It is a prerequisite to its realization and it is also the realization itself, for Presence and Being are One. In such case, meditation is one of the primary portals to access the Unmanifested Dimension.

The Meditative State is one of Alert, Alive stillness sensed through the Portals of Silence, Spaciousness, and Inner-Body Awareness. The Body is relaxed, but the Mind is alert. The alert stillness, which is the most essential Self, is the Awareness that notices what enters the field of Awareness. You, as the Awareness, simply watch the contents of the Mind as they come in and out of the Awareness that you are in your essence. All of this happens with Nonjudgement, Nonresistance, and Nonattachment – a gentle Accepting curiosity.

If you Attach to a Thought Form in some way you are giving Life to that Thought Form through the supply of the Consciousness that you are. You are giving yourself away. Your Consciousness gets gobbled up by the Thoughts and Feelings so that they become you. You leave the seat of the Eternal Subject of Consciousness to become the objects of Consciousness, and so now you’re back to identifying with the Mind, which deepens your Ego Density.

At first meditation may be an uncomfortable practice that appears to bear no fruit. Yet it begins to bear fruit once you Let Go of the expectation that it should bear fruit. It is wise to remember that there is no Doing or achievement here, Success is only through realization of Being. You continue to repeat the practice of meditation to further retrain your Mind so that you can become mindful instead of Mind full.

Ultimately, after enough practice, even mindfulness, which is the practice of watching Thoughts, is Transcended to the point where there are no Thoughts to watch and you just be, which is the essence of No-Mind. In this state you fully realize the Emptiness that you are and it is experienced as intensely alive yet still Peace. The true spiritual master is one who has the ability to remain in the meditative state of No-Mind continuously and only leaves to use Thinking when needed or called for.


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