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Hello, I am Carolina, and I have been on my healing journey since I encountered my spiritual awakening 9 years ago. My spiritual awakening occurred from when I was at a really low point in my life, I suffered with depression and PTSD. I experienced sexual abuse at a very young age for many years of my life, and with that the trauma was left within me. but 9 years on I would like to say i am a sexual abuse survivor and have beat mental health and depression all because of this spiritual journey/ awakening. From going back and forth to doctors being prescribed medication continuously that never worked but only numbed me, there was a point I wanted to end my life. Until one day I got introduced with reiki healing which saved me and from there it’s been a continuous journey of growth and healing. I have connected with many mentors, teachers and shamans on my journey and have felt the deep shifts in my life through energy work. I qualified in Reiki healing 3 years ago and recently 9 months ago I connected with the beautiful energy kundalini Healing, which is now a service I offer through the kundalini Activation Process. The Kundalini energy has shifted and changed my life for the better the past year and I have become more connected to myself and it’s now something I love to share with others.  

Kundalini Activation is a gentle way of awakening the Kundalini, when the Kundalini is awakened it is the fire element that activates your body energy allowing you to connect to the consciousness which is this life force energy. As the energy moves through the body it works as an energy healing to help shift and release any stuck or stagnant energy, emotions, conditioning, trauma, old stories that your body has been holding onto and with this it gives you the openness and space to welcome in the new and feel the euphoric feeling of pure bliss and love.


Welcome to the Awakenpedia Family Carolina!


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