New Partner Intro! Meet Zelda Prichard – EFT

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Zelda is an Intuitive EFT Practitioner and Plant Medicine Facilitator, with a passion to support women thrive through their healing and development journey. Zelda uses EFT (Tapping) to guide women towards freeing themselves from limiting beliefs, old patterns and past traumas that block them from stepping into the version of themselves they truly want to be to live the life they truly want to live. 

After a successful early journey in corporate life, Zelda headed to the jungles of Peru and met her greatest teacher in plant medicines. Since 2016 she has been travelling, healing herself, learning and exploring holistic healing modalities. Zelda has spent a lot of time in the Peruvian jungle serving and supporting others with plant medicine where she learned shamanic traditions. She also spent a lot of time in India where she learned vedic traditions such as yoga and meditiation. During her journey she felt inspired to support women in returning back to themselves, and after training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hatha Yoga and Ancestral healing she now blends her knowledge and experience into Intuitive EFT. Zelda supports the need to create a safe, accepted environment for everyone to heal, she offers one one one sessions as well as group workshops bringing the collective intention and support together to promote clearing and healing. Zelda finds group workshops especially effective in weight loss and addiction issues.

Welcome to the Awakenpedia Family Zelda!


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