New Partner Intro: Therese White – Dreamwork

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In this unique chat, I sit down with Dreamwork Expert and New Awakenpedia Partner, Therese White, who has been studying and recording her Dreams for the past 20 years. We focus on the usage of Dreams as Portals to better understand the True Nature of Reality and to explore what it actually means to Wake up from the “Dream of the Ego” that so many Humans today still call “Life.”

Words from Therese:

“I’m an artist and dream guide. My dreams, whether filled with clear images or deep emotions, have been a wellspring of inspiration for me. Growing up in a serene village surrounded by nature nurtured my profound connection to the natural world. 

My journey into understanding dreams began at the age of eleven, and over the years, they’ve played a pivotal role in my life. They’ve helped me make important decisions, pinpoint areas where I could improve my life, and provided motivation during tough times when I almost gave up on my path. 

Currently, I facilitate dream circles and offer individual dream sessions. Whether you’re curious about the messages hidden within powerful dreams, want to decipher recurring dreams, or need guidance during a significant life transition or challenging decision, private dream sessions can provide valuable support.”

Welcome to the Awakenpedia Family Therese!


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