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Essential Point:

Presence is the Awakened state of Pure Awareness in which the Conditioned Mind has been Transcended.


Presence is the state of Pure Awareness, which is Realized through Transcendence of the Mind. As such, it is understood as a state of No-Mind, in which Thinking has ceased so that Perception is True, which is Perception without Mental Interpretation.

Presence can also be described as Present Awareness – a Peaceful and calm yet alert and intensely Alive state of being in which you observe “what is” without Judgment or Resistance. Presence is to be fully in The Now, which is simultaneous Awareness of both the content of what is (The Horizontal Dimension) as well as the underlying structure that enables and houses the content of what is (The Vertical Dimension).

As the Realization of Being, Presence is not something you can achieve through any type of Doing or with any amount of effort. In fact, the more one tries to be Present, the less one typically is. Presence is Realized through complete Surrender to what is; Thus, Presence is understood to be Realized through a release of control, a release of effort, a release of Doing, a release of Reaction, a release of Judgment, and a release of Resistance – total Acceptance of The Now.

There is no Suffering in Presence, there is No-Time in Presence, there is No-Mind in Presence, there is No-Body in Presence, No-one in Presence, there is no-thing in Presence – all that remains is the Still alert and alive Awareness of what is, which is the Essence of who you are as the perceiver. To remain fully Present in this moment is the essence of the spiritual master.


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