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Essential Point:

Reaction is caused by Identification with the Mind and is evidence of the Ego in control.


Ego is the cause of all Reaction, which is an Unconscious and automatic Mental-Emotional firing that arises from the conditioned Mind. In the Ego state, you are completely reactive, which is to say – completely Unconscious. All of your Consciousness has become gobbled up by your Thoughts and Emotions so that you take on the Identity of the Conditioned Mind and lose any and all Awareness of and connectedness with Being. Put another way, you lose the seat of Consciousness and are no longer the nonjudging Watcher – you become the Mind, which gives the Ego complete control.

As most humans today are still living in the Egoic Level of Consciousness, reactivity is the normal and predominant interaction pattern. It is low Energy communication that only exacerbates and perpetuates conflict.  As you progress on the Awakening-Journey, however, you will be able to observe the contents of your Mind more simply as Life’s happenings occur so that you can become less reactive and more Responsive, which is the Essence of replying to a Life situation from the empowered seat of Presence.

You’ll increasingly notice that reactivity and Consciousness are inversely correlated. The more Conscious you become the less reactive you tend to be. Also, the Time between the Reaction and your noticing of it as Egoic expression gets shorter and shorter the more Conscious you become. The difference between you and a spiritual master is that the master notices any inner disturbance within themselves almost immediately so that it can pass right through them. At this level of Consciousness, you are essentially transparent so that no Reaction is made Manifest and there is only calm and Peaceful Response.


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