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Essential Point:

Your Level of Consciousness determines your Interpretation of Reality. Pure Consciousness, the Highest Level of Consciousness, points to Absolute Reality, which is beyond Interpretation.


Reality is what one Believes or Knows to be Real and it is how one experiences the World. Your Level of Consciousness determines your sense of Reality. In this sense, your understanding of Reality evolves as the self evolves out of the Ego and into the One Self.

If you are Unconscious, you are Identified with your Conditioned Mind Mind and therefore experiencing a relative, false, Reality as informed through this Conditioned Mind. To believe something is real that is not is the basis of Insanity and all Psychological Dissonance and Suffering.

If you are Awakening, you are going through a process of Liberation from your Conditioned Mind, so that your sense of Reality shifts accordingly from the Fearful Relative to the Loving Absolute. In this sense, the Awakening-Journey can be described as a fundamental shift in Consciousness that is the exiting of the imprisonment of the Mind-made, relative Reality of the Ego to enter the Mind-Transcended, Absolute Reality of Truth.

In the fully Awakened state, in which one Realizes and maintains the Realization of the Self as Pure Consciousness, one comes to purely sense the Ultimate Reality that underlies and indwells within all. This intimate sensing of the Ultimate Reality is accessed through the Enlightened state of Consciousness and serves as “The Edge of the Mystery,” meaning it’s as far as the Human can go to sense the true Nature of Reality.


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