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Essential Point:

“Self” is one of the many names used to describe the Higher-Level Beingness that you realize you Essentially are, which is the Essence of “Self-Realization,” while “self” is a reference to your lower-level Humanness.


Self, as described with a big “S” refers to the One Self that indwells within all Life. It is the direct pointing to the Higher Self, God, Pure Consciousness, and most importantly, to who you are in your Essence. It is the Beingness that underlies and enables your Humanness, which is your “small self,” as described with a little “s.”

It is your small self which points to all that you think you are in this World, all that you Have, and all that you Do – your body, your mind, your job, your house, your car, your Relationships, your habits, your assets, your possessions, etc.

Self refers to the permanent, Absolute You, while self refers to the temporary, relative you. There could be no self without Self. And to Believe that you are fundamentally self rather than to Know that you are Self is the primary causation of all Suffering human beings experience.

When you believe you are the self rather than Knowing that you are Self, you believe you are fundamentally a Separate, Physical Human instead of Knowing that you are simply Being Human. You have no connectedness with the Spiritual Dimension so you don’t realize that in your Essence your human Form is simply the vehicle through which Consciousness may express itself.

The One Self that lives within all of us, as all of us. It is the same Self in everything and yet it is no “thing” at all. It is the true sense of self that manifests within us as a Divine sense of Conscious, Peaceful, Still Aliveness. It is the ultimate subject, the primordial perceiver, and it is already Whole and complete, without need for alteration or possibility of destruction. It is Eternal, meaning not that it lasts forever, but more powerfully, that it is Timeless, or beyond Time. It is also infinite, meaning not that it extends forever, but more powerfully, that it is beyond space.

The Self is the One Being that serves as the underlying formless Essence that interconnects all of Existence so that everything is ultimately inseparable from one another, so that all “otherness” of the other Dissolves away into oneness.

The physical human is simply a temporal expression of this One Self, representing one of the many forms the Self disguises itself as, and when the human becomes Conscious of itself as the Self, it is described as Self-Realization, or Awakening. The Human Being realizes it is being human. It realizes that it is a spiritual Being having a human experience, and there is nothing personal about it.

As both Human and Being, the Human Being is both simultaneously the self and the Self – they are inseparably and eternally connected as One, just as the Sunbeam is inseparably and eternally connected to the Sun as One.

Without the Self there could be no self, but without self the Self remains.


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