~ Silence

Essential Point:

Silence is a Portal through which you Realize Self


Pure Silence is the highest Frequency of sound as it is the Source of sound. You can physically observe sound Dissolve into Silence as its Frequency vibrates higher. Silence is to sound as formlessness is to Form, which points to the Realization that sound can only arise out of Silence just as Form can only arise out of formlessness. More so, all sound must return to Silence just as all Form must return to formlessness. All Manifestations must arise and return to the Dimension of the unmanifested.

Silence is often the most cherished sound of any true spiritualist because it is most Purely Interpreted as a portal into the Dimension of higher Consciousness. Silence is one of the primary doorways that provides access to the Timeless realm of The Eternal Now. The Inner-Silence of Stillness enables the state of No-Mind, which is the Essence of the Awakened state. Our Essential Nature is Realized through Silence, as it is what you arose out of and what you will return to at the end of your journey.


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