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Essential Point:

The Soul is a direct reference to the Divine Beingness that both Empowers and Embodies your Human Form. Ultimately there is only One Soul that Indwells within and Empowers all Life Forms to make them come Alive.


the Soul is your inner Essence that is invisible to the senses – it is the Manifestation of Being itself.

Being is what enables and empowers your Human Body, or your Form, to be. It is the most essential Self that is within you, of you, within all, and of all. Ultimately there is only One Soul just as there is only One Consciousness. The Soul is the Light and it is of inherently divine Nature that is not of this World, but beyond it. The Soul can be understood as the Energy song about composition is no different than anyone else’s – it is all One Soul, the “Oversoul” as Ralph Waldo Emerson described.

Where the Soul can differ is in its karmic inheritance and therefore what it brings into this Incarnation, what this really means is not that the Soul itself is different, but the sole contract that you enter your current Incarnation with on this Earth is what is different from person to person, specifically what baggage and Karma you will have to release and unlearn through your human experience. The Soul is what unites us all as One. it is the one being that cannot be destroyed only transmuted across the World of varying and evolving forms.


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