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Suicide is the result of not being able to live as your Ego any longer. Transcendence of the Conditioned Mind releases you from the Suffering Entity of the Ego so that Suicidal urges may Dissolve into Peace.


Suicide is one of the leading causes of Death across the World and particularly in the United States where it is estimated to be the leading cause of Death for those aged 15 to 24. People are deciding to take their own Life more now than ever before. Never has our society been more sick, and we are sick because we are lost – lost in the World, lost in our minds, and lost in the Ego, mistaking ourselves for something that we’re not.

Spiritually speaking, Suicide is the result of not being able to live as your Ego, which you aren’t Aware is your Ego, any longer. The weight of the Mind had become so heavy that it couldn’t be carried any longer. You had become so fully disconnected from your true Self through the exclusive Identification with your False, “Mind-made” self that Life became Lifeless. Suicide is the acted upon expression of the saying “I cannot live with myself” any longer. Yet paradoxically, the Essential Realization of Awakening lies within the expression, if only you can recognize it. Let’s examine.

“I can’t live with myself” – who is the “I” and who is the “self”? There appear to be two of you. But are there actually two of you inside of you, both as you? In Truth, of course not, there are not actually two of you – there is only one Real you, but in the suicidal state it’s as if you have fully split in two given the full Identification with your Mind, which had led to the making of another self – the false, Mind-made self, otherwise known as the Ego – that you had fully become, or rather, that had fully become you.

And when you fully become the Ego, which is to say when the Mind gobbles up all of your Consciousness, so that you only know your self through the Thought Forms of your Mind, all connectedness with the Essence of your True Being dissipates. This fully Beingless State is often so suffocating and one of such intense Suffering that you may think you’d rather die than spend another day in this usually tortuous state of Existence.

Thus, if you attempt Suicide, it is evidence of perhaps the thickest Ego Density as your Identification with the Mind had become so total that there is no Awareness retained to see any option other than to try to end your Life. You had become completely suffocated by your Mind. The weight of the World, which was a subjective making of the Mind that only existed in your Mind, became too heavy to bear.

The Ego, as the Suffering entity, had simply grown too large. And more so, you Feel like there is no way out because you only know yourself as the false, Mind-made self that the Ego is. You don’t know how to Escape the Ego because you don’t know that you are the Ego nor that it is the Ego that’s making you Suffer – you simply think it is who you are and that it is your Reality.

Even though this Reality is illusory and the Misperception can be corrected, as such correction occurs through Awakening to the Truth of Self, it is not Realized in that moment because of the deep Unconsciousness resulting from Egoic Identification. You had become paradoxically stuck as both the inmate and guard of your own mental prison. If only those who committed suicide could have known that there was a way out of the Suffering caused by the madness of the Ego. They just had to step out of their Mind-made World through the realization of it as such.

Ironically, few groups of people are more naturally primed to Awaken than those who are suicidal, for the “I cannot live with myself” Feeling you have when you want to kill yourself carries the essential realization of Awakening that could potentially save you. It’s what saved the great spiritual teacher – Eckhart Tolle – when he was about to kill himself at the age of 29.

Embedded in this expression that all suicidal people act on is the essential doorway to Self-Realization. There is an opportunity for you to realize that the self that is experiencing the Interpreted Suffering is not actually real, but simply an illusory sense of self as made in the Mind. When this is fully realized, the Ego, as the Suffering entity, dissolves so that only the One True Self remains and Suffering is Transmuted into Peace.

In Truth, the suicidal person doesn’t actually want to die, they just want the Suffering to stop, but they don’t know that it is the Ego, as a making of their mind, that is causing the Suffering. They think it is them so they end up physically killing themselves out of this confusion of Identity.

Thus, in the efforts to help save a suicidal person, in addition to hotlines and raising Suicide Awareness campaigns, we must raise the Awareness of those who are suicidal by inspiring Self-Realization; and more specifically, through the realization that the Death they Believe will alleviate their Suffering is actually Death of the Ego, which is a Death that occurs on the level of Mind through a shift in Consciousness, not on the level of Body. In this sense – to die before you die is the way to live. On a spiritual level, Ego-Death is a massive release of trapped Egoic Energy, which results in a transformation of Perception and transmutes the mental interpretation of Suffering into Peace.

This is the fundamental and sustainable cure to those who are Suffering and see no way out. The cure they’ve been looking for but could never find because it was never something they could discover out there in the World. It was right in front of their eyes the whole Time, or rather, behind their eyes, or even better, within their eyes – inside you to discover right Here and Now the whole Time.

This is the potentially lifesaving Shift in Consciousness that releases attachment to the Conditioned Mind and dissolves the Ego, which lifts the “Weight of the World” off your shoulders. Through realization of the inherent contradiction in the “I can’t live with myself” expression, the mental prison that you built dissolves and you are Free to walk out. Free of your Suffering entity, no longer do you want to die, now you want to live.

It is worth reinforcing that committing Suicide as an attempt to “turn off the lights” and end the Suffering does not work. It will not turn off the lights and end the Suffering. The Light will remain on and you will simply be Reincarnated, likely with heavier Karma, which will likely yield heavier Suffering. In this sense, suicide always remains an attempt and is never completed, for when someone commits suicide their life does not end, only the current Incarnation does – Life goes on.

The only way out of this game is when you have worked through all of your Karma, which is the essence of the Enlightened State, and committing Suicide just adds more Karma, which extends your Awakening Journey.

Put another way, if you really want your Human Life to end, you have to keep going.


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