~ The Middle Way

Essential Point:

The Middle Way is the Mature path of living through which the dance of Human and Being is acknowledged and balanced.


The Middle Way is the art of Successful living as a Human Being, which is Realized through the sustained Awareness and balancing of your Humaneness with your Beingness. Under The Middle Way, you recognize you are part Human and part Being, and as such, do not get lost or totally Attach to either Dimension of self or Self.

The Middle Way acknowledges the practical requirements that comes with embodying the human Form while simultaneously acknowledging the Beingness that fundamentally enables and sustains such Form.

The Middle Way is a Mature lifestyle that results in Awakened-Doing, which is Stress-Free Doing that stems from a place of Conscious Presence so that the Doing in and of itself is Self-Fulfilling and noncontingent on any specific outcome. The Middle Way offers a sustainably Peaceful way for a Human Being to live on this Earth through the Essential realization that you are in it but not of it.


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