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Essential Point:

As a Spiritualist, you are someone who operates on the level of Knowing. You Know that you are Consciousness Being expressed in Human Form. In other words, that you are “a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.” You know that you are in the World, but not of it. You intuitively sense that your Essence is beyond this physical World.


A Spiritualist, as opposed to a Materialist, is someone who derives a sense of self from that which lies beyond the World instead of that which resides within it. They Believe they are in the World, but not of it. “A Soul in the Body,” as the saying goes. Or better yet, “a Spiritual Being having a Human experience,” rather than “a Human having a Spiritual experience.”

The fundamental difference between a Spiritualist and a Materialist is that a Spiritualist knows that the Transcendent is primary while the materialists believe that the physical is primary.

However, whether they know it or not, every Materialist is also a Spiritualist as soon as they acknowledge their own Existence, simply because the physical world undoubtedly arose from the spiritual Dimension. The Physical World itself arose from and through the stars. There could be no physical without spiritual, but there certainly could be spiritual without physical, as there was before our Existence and as there will be after.

The Spiritualist is a higher Energy, more consciously evolved Form of human that epitomizes where humanity is heading into the New Earth. Over the next several decades into centuries, we will see a massive shift from Materialist to Spiritualist Identification. From those who identify with the Ego to those who identify with the One Consciousness. The shift in consciousness is already underway and it is paradoxically starting to quickly accelerate due to Ego-Inflation.


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