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Discover & book with hundreds of approved Awakenpedia Partners that offer discounted services across dozens of alternative energy healing therapies and health issues!

50+ Alternative Healing Modalities for you to explore. Meet the approved partners that offer services in these modalities to help facilitate your own awakening journey!

100+ Health Issues & Support Group Channels for you to extend your Heart to yourself and others. Get support, extend support, and heal for real.

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The Awakenpedia Teachings Library is a completely original resource as every teaching has been consciously channeled through Cam, the Founder of Awakenpedia. Access 250+ Essential Teachings across written, audio, & video Formats!

Awakenpedia is on its way to becoming the world’s premier provider of virtual retreat experiences. Explore our upcoming retreat schedule and feel free to purchase any of our past retreats that we’ve made available for you.

Awakenpedia has partnered with some of the world’s most trusted energy healers that facilitate from their own direct experience. Check out the various products and services that they offer and feel free to book with them directly if they speak to you.

If you are interested in diving deeper into the awakening journey and would like some personalized guidance to help you navigate the process of waking up, explore our spiritual mentorship program, in which you have private 1:1 sessions with Cam!

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