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The Platform

Spiritual Teachings Library

Awakenpedia is a completely original resource with every teaching being consciously channeled through Cam, the Founder! Access 250+ essential teachings across written, audio, & video Formats!

Authentic Community

Join our Member Forum and form real bonds with 500+ awakening souls who know you’re not crazy! This is a safe container to share, connect, and heal with other travelers on the Awakening Journey.

Premium Live Events

Discounted Healing Services

Let’s face it – Alternative Healing is expensive. With Awakenpedia, you can access the world’s largest collection of discounted offerings from our growing roster of vetted holistic wellness practitioners!

Virtual & Onsite Retreats

Affordable Private Mentorship

If you are looking for more personalized guidance on the Awakening Journey, you can apply for private spiritual mentorship with Cam, the Founder of Awakenpedia. Financial aid is available for those in need.

The Teachings Platform

A Completely Original Library that’s Interlinked to Reinforce Self-Realization

Unscripted Film Recordings on the most Essential Spiritual Topics & Lessons

Verbal Companions to the Written Teachings that Support Key Insights

The Member Forum

Meet & Chat with Other Members

Form life-long soul bonds rooted in love and authenticity with other human beings who are also Awakening

Share Your Awakening Story

Experience the cathartic healing power of sharing your Awakening story with our community in a safe space

Explore Upcoming Events

We have dozens of free events every month that are designed to expand your consciousness and increase your vibration

Book Healing Services

Discover premium yet affordable energy-based healing services and book them straight from our member forum


Ask our in-house Modern Monk any questions you have about the Healing and Awakening Journey.

50+ Energy-Based Healing Modalities

We offer insight on and services for over 50 alternative, energy-based healing modalities.

Get Support for Specific Health Issues

Receive energy-based insight, guidance, & support for over 100 of the most common Health Issues we experience as Humans.

Monthly Movie Nights

Join us for some light-hearted fun and relaxation with our monthly movie night. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Member Reviews

Take a minute to hear what a few of our Members have to say about their experience with Awakenpedia. We hope their words inspire you to join us on this Profound Journey of Self-Discovery.

“Cameron has a lot of really exquisite writings on his Patreon in regards to Consciousness, Awakening, Unplugging from the Matrix, & Mental Health – it’s really a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for someone who’s at the beginning of their Spiritual Journey…Cameron truly has a heart of gold and a diamond will that’s been forged by the fire, so please check out Awakenpedia if you haven’t yet.”

Jillian Melissa

Awakening Soul

“I am so grateful for this Platform. Not only has it transformed and made a difference in my life, but it has made a difference in so many others as well – y’all it has saved lives. I encourage you to go sign up today, you will not regret it. Cameron, thank you so much for creating this platform – you are amazing and I’m so excited to see how many more lives are going to be forever changed because of your heart for this mission.”

Shaustin Ashley

Awakening Soul

“Cameron has been a Mentor and ally towards my Self-discovery of who I am as an individual, and the platform that he has created is a very healing and sacred place that we can come together and connect as One. It’s a really beautiful thing that he’s taken the time to create for others out of a truly selfless act. If you are interested or somewhat curious go check it out and I hope it’s helpful to you as it was to me.”

Clara Di Bartello

Awakening Soul

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