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See how we Empower the World’s Most Authentic Holistic Healers to Expand their Reach, Monetize their Talents, and Transform the World.






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Customized Partner Profile

Create a Fully Customizable Partner Profile that’ll become your Creative Canvas to Showcase Your Offerings & Display your Unique Energetic Signature

Live Interview

Schedule a Live Interview with the Founder of Awakenpedia, which will Highlight your Story, your Offerings, and your Mission – it’ll become a part of your Partner Profile!

Self-Promotion Rights

Receive the Exclusive Permission to Promote your own Services, Content, & Brand to our 500+ Members inside of our Member Forum. We have New Members Joining Everyday!

No Transaction Fees

We don’t Charge any Fees or ask for any Portion of the Revenue you Source through our Platform. You Keep Everything that you Earn – as it should be!

Event Management

We take away the Headache of Hosting Events by Handling it for you! From Set Up, to Promotion, to Payment, to Testimonial Collection – we take care of it!

Retreat Facilitation

Awakenpedia Regularly holds Virtual & Onsite Retreats that Our Premium Partners get to Co-Facilitate with us! All Participating Partners share in the Total Retreat Proceeds!

Training & Development

Access a Growing Library of Consciously Cultivated Trainings & Worksheets that have been Designed by our in-house Experts to Evolve you into a Holistic Healing Leader!

Private Affiliate Program

Get Rewarded for Consciously Inspiring other Holistic Healers in and outside of your Network to Join us! Earn 25% Recurring Commissions with this Win-Win Perk!

Free Advertising & Exposure

When you Join Awakenpedia you are Regularly Broadcasted on all of our Active Social & Community Channels. Increase your Exposure by Sharing in our Reach.

Pricing & Benefits

The Most Affordable Solution to Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Brand

Our Partners know best! Check out what a few of them have said about their experience with Awakenpedia so far, and if you want to get connected with any of them personally let us know and we’ll arrange a chat for you!

I feel I’m part of a community of people who are seeking to develop, heal and expand themselves. The interactions and events are full of love, gratitude and support. I can’t explain it, you have to experience it. This partnership makes me feel motivated and at peace in my heart.

Zelda Prichard


Since I became a partner at Awakenpedia, I have felt as a valued member and that my talents have been recognized and accurately represented. The platform is still growing, it’s in it’s early stages and the potential can be seen as a sustainable and highly organized archive of healing modalities, channeled through unique humans of many different walks of life. The networking potential is vast and I can’t wait to see what things are cooking behind the scenes and what lies in store for 2024!

Eye Create Lines

Human Design

I really feel Cam’s sincerity and energy towards the mission in building this platform and I am really enjoying meeting new activators through the interviews and from all over who are sharing their medicine.

Natasha Bolvin


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