~ Acceptance

Essential Point:

Acceptance is the total Surrender to The Now, which releases the Resistance that gives Life to Ego.


Acceptance refers to an important Level of Consciousness you Realize on the Awakening-Journey and it implies a complete and total non-resistance to the Present moment – a complete and total Nonresistance to “what is,” whatever “it” is.

When you are totally Accepting of what is, you have accessed a high level of Consciousness that has Transcended the Egoic level of Consciousness – a state in which you desperately try to control what is. The Egoic need to control is a Form of persistent Judgement, which is the Essence of resistance, which is the Essence of Stress. With true Acceptance, however, all forms of Judgement, control, and resistance Dissolve away so that Energy flows freely without any Egoic blockage or build up and you become Stress-Free. This level of Consciousness ends up yielding deep and sustainable Peace as you have become fully transparent so that nothing sticks to you. You move with the flow of Energy.

It is important to note that Acceptance does not mean passivity or apathy. Acceptance does not mean to tolerate harmful or dangerous situations. Instead, it means that you Let go of the inner resistance to the situation so that you can embrace it head on from the calm seat of Consciousness instead of the fearful and erratic seat of the Ego. Thus, operating from a place of Surrender, the essence of Acceptance, ironically empowers you to influence Change more effectively and purely.

To become an Enlightened spiritual master all you must really do is be unconditionally Accepting of this moment right here and now.


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