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Essential Point:

Achievement is only possible on the Level of Human, as you are already Achieved on the Level of Being. To derive your sense of self through Achievement is a function of the Egoic Mind that leads to Suffering.


Achievement only exists on the Level of Human, for on the Level of Being you are already Achieved, and what is Achieved cannot be more Achieved.

If you are unaware and remain Disconnected from your Beingness so that you only know yourself through your Humaneness you will spend your entire Life focused on Having, Doing, and Achieving. The fundamental issue is that on the Level of Human, you are always imperfect, meaning you will always be able to Achieve more so that you will never be fully Achieved. In this state, you will always feel of Lack and be just out of reach from Peace.

There will always be a bigger fish in the sea, the grass will always seem greener on the other side, you will always want what you don’t have, and you will always be Judging the caliber of your Achievements compared to the guy next door. This is how the Ego works and why it is Insane. You will tirelessly Pursue Happiness through your Achievements and at the end of the day, like the hamster on the wheel, you will have gone Nowhere except Here, which will mean nothing to you because you only want to get There. It will be a Lifetime of Seeking and never Finding.

This is not to say that we cannot Achieve as Humans, of course we can. We have made some fantastic Achievements on both the individual and collective levels of humanity. This is wonderful and to be appreciated and even celebrated – there is nothing wrong with Achievement it in and of itself. But when you Believe Achievement is the basis of your worth, or is the primary vehicle through which you will find Fulfillment, you are stuck in “Egoland,” which is the Mind-made land of Illusions, and Illusions must always end in Disillusionment.

As humans we can Achieve and yes we can enjoy these Achievements, but no they cannot complete us and therefore are not of extreme importance on an Absolute Basis. Through this Essential Realization, you can stop Pursuing Achievements as if your Life depends on it – it does not. Life will remain whether you Achieve or do not Achieve as a Human. You, as Life, will remain whether you Achieve or do not Achieve as a Human. All “Achievements” are simply Thought Forms and ultimately, like any other piece of Form, must Dissolve back into the Formlessness from which they arose.

The irony of this Realization that occurs on the Awakening Journey is that as the Absolute importance of Achievement Dissolves away, so that you stop pursuing it, you tend to Achieve more. This is because the quality of Consciousness that flows into the Doing is upgraded. It is of higher Vibrational Energy that is rooted in Love and Abundance rather than Fear and Lack. When you don’t need the Achievement to be complete because you Realize that you are already complete, you emanate the Energetic Frequency of “Being Achieved” that attracts Achievement into your Life. This is the Law of Attraction and the fundamental basis of all Manifestation.

In this sense, if you really want to Achieve you must Let Go of needing to Achieve because you Realize that you are already Achieved.


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