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Essential Point:

As Life is Consciousness, to be Conscious is to be Alive.

To be fully Conscious is to be fully Alive so that you are One with Life.


The Awakening Journey is one of becoming more and more Alive until you are fully Alive, which is to be fully Conscious. In this sense, when you have fully Realized the Self as Pure Consciousness, you have become fully Alive, which is the Essence of becoming One with Life, and the underlying Purpose of Spiritual Awakening.

In the Unawakened, or Unconscious State, it’s as if you are Lifeless, for there is no True Awareness that you are Alive for what Life even is. You only know yourself as the Separate, physical entity as made in your Mind and are thus disconnected from your Beingness, the Source of the Life that empowers you. And with no Awareness of Being, there’s no Awareness of Life itself. In other words, it’s as if you are not Alive. You are Soul-less.

In this Unconscious state, it’s as if you are not alive because all the objects of Consciousness have taken your Life from you as to become you. They have taken the Consciousness from you, from the Real You. You have given them your Life as to make them come Alive instead. This misplacement of Consciousness is what creates the Egoic Identity, the False sense of self in which your Mind has absorbed all of your Consciousness as to become you and take your Identity. At this Level of Consciousness, you are your Mind.

In this sense, the Awakening Journey is one in which you take back all of the Consciousness, all of the Life, that you had mistakenly given to these mental objects of Consciousness, and in doing so you restore your own Aliveness. This is why the Awakening experience is one in which you often feel like you are Being recharged or replenished, and in many ways you are – with Consciousness, with Life, with Being. You are taking back the Consciousness you had erroneously given to the Mind to refill the Soul, where it naturally belongs. You are reclaiming the Power you had given to the World of Form and in doing so transmute Ego Food into Soul Food.

It is the Ultimate Destiny, or Pure Dharma, of every Human Being to fully remember their Aliveness, which is to fully Remember their Oneness with Life, so that they can merge with Life as to become it. To stop giving their Life away to Thought Forms so that they can be the Life instead.

Ultimately, there is Nothing more Fulfilling than to fill yourself with the Life that you are that Consciousness is.


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