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Essential Point:

An Attachment is the erroneous extension of Self to some piece of transient Form. As all Forms are in constant flux, attributing a permanent sense of self to something inherently impermanent is the basis of all Suffering and is the structural Essence of the Ego.


Attachment is to derive your Identity  from and therefore attribute value to Form because it is perceived as a fundamental part of who you are. Attachment to things is the basis of the Egoic Identity because, in Truth, there are no “things” you can even Attach to. In Truth, there is only One Thing, and that One Thing is “No-thing-ness,” which makes the Attachment to some “thing” – whatever it may be – an error of assumed identity. In this sense, Attachment is an illusion.

The extension of Self beyond the Self is impossible, and thus the Unconscious Belief of being able to do so is a delusion of the mind. Trying to extend the Self is the doing of the Ego in its fear-based attempt to augment itself and prevent its Death. Buddha is famous for saying that “Attachment is the cause of all Suffering,” and as Attachment is one of the fundamental bases of the Ego, that saying can be more fully translated as “the Ego is cause of all Suffering.” Dissolve the Ego and Attachment dissolves with it, as does Suffering.

In the World it is common to see humans mistakenly Attach to all types of things – people, places, jobs, Relationships, possessions, their Body, their image, their money, their parents, their children, etc. – and every Time, without fail, such attachments lead to inevitable Suffering as these forms Change and dissolve, for your sense of self dissolves with it. When what is attached to is lost, it’s as if a piece of yourself is lost too. The greater the attachment, the greater the piece of you that is lost.

In this sense, Attachment must be dissolved for Peace to endure, which means that the Mind structure that enables Attachment in the first place – the Ego itself – must be dissolved so that the operating structure of Attachment is disempowered. Do not attempt to do this by getting rid of attachments. This will not work. Trying to do so will only make you become Attached to getting rid of Attachment.

Instead, be patient with yourself as you continue the Spiritual Journey and simply bring Awareness into your attachments. You’ll find that you gradually become less attached to these things as you observe them from the Seat of Consciousness rather than becoming them so that they soak up your Consciousness. Gradually your clinginess to the world of things will fade away…but you don’t make it go away, you don’t impose a control on the timeline – it happens naturally as a function of your Consciousness ascension.

Through Awakening, Attachment is transcended and replaced with Nonattachment – a Peaceful State of Being in which Self is not misderived from the World of Form. Instead of deriving the Self from Form, Form is simply enjoyed and appreciated as it is. There is no more clinging as you are no longer confused about the Nature of your Self. In this Nonattached state of Consciousness, it’s not that you don’t own anything, it’s that nothing owns you. You are Free of the root of the desire, which is the essence of the Ego. At this Level of Consciousness, you appreciate everything but need nothing.

It’s important not to confuse Nonattachment with Detachment, as Nonattachment is an EnergyPositive state of being while detachment is an Energy-Negative state of being, which often results in apathy, despondency, depression, and the loss of interest in Worldly participation. Nonattachment implies Acceptance of what is while detachment implies Non-Acceptance of what is. Detachment is a typical symptom experienced through Spiritual Bypassing and all Lightworkers should be mindful that they are not mistaking Nonattachment with Detachment. In most cases, they can be distinguished by one’s attitude about participating in the affairs of Life.


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