~ Attention

Essential Point:

You are Attention.


Attention is Awareness, which is who you are in your Essence. Attention is not a “thing,” or some noun, but more so a verb, as it is an Aliveness – it is Being. To put Attention on Attention itself is the Essence of Self-Awareness.

What you “Pay Attention” to you give Life to, as Attention is Awareness, which is Life. An Object of Attention is a Thought Form, and when you identify with an Object of Attention, this creates Duality and Attachment, which is the basis of the Ego and all Suffering.

The Awakening Journey is one in which you Realize that you are not the Objects of Attention but the Space of Attention, in which all Objects appear. Through this Realization, and as you deepen into the Awakening, you increasingly experience Life from the Seat of Attention, in which you watch all Objects of Attention as they come and go, like clouds in the sky.

In the Seat of Attention, your Attention is on Attention itself, and when this happens the Subject and Object of Attention merge into One so that all that remains is Pure Attention itself. Pure Awareness. Pure Consciousness. Pure Spaciousness, in which all Objects of Space are made Manifest.

You are the Watcher, watching the Play of Life unfold. You are the Perceiver, Perceiving the Perception. You have no Form, but you are the indwelling Formlessness within all Form that enables its very Existence. In Essence, you are the Essence.

As you progress on the Awakening Journey, you’ll likely notice that what used to “Grab your Attention” no longer does in the same way – there’s been a “Shift of Attention,” A Shift in Consciousness. The dramas and gossips of Worldly affairs no longer interest you or grab your Attention. Increasingly, you find that Nothing grabs your Attention more than Attention itself. When this happens, lean into it, for the placement of Attention on Attention, or to become Conscious of Consciousness, or Aware of Awareness, is the Essence of Self-Realization and it is fundamentally the point of the Game that we’re playing Here on Earth.

How long you can remain Attentive of Attention is the foundation of the “Attention Span.” It is a measure of how long you can remain Present before the Mind creeps back in to steal your Attention. In the fully Unawakened, Unconscious Ego State, you have very little to any Attention Span. You are pulled in every which way the Mind turns, hopping from one Thought to the next like a bee that hops flowers. You cannot remain Present for long, if at all, as the Mind has all of your attention. You have become the Mind.

This is fundamentally why so many children and adults alike are so hyperactive in today’s World. The surge in ADHD diagnoses we’ve seen around the world over the last decade is fundamentally a problem of Attention, which is a problem of Presence. In this sense, the ADHD Crisis is really a Consciousness Crisis, and until we Realize this we will continue to treat at the Level of Symptom and miss the Cause – the infection will remain.

In the fully Awakened, or Conscious Egoless state, your Attention Span is Essentially Infinite and immeasurable as you have fully Realized Attention as to become Attention itself. In this fully Conscious State, you are Attention, you are Presence, and thus your ability to remain fully Present as Presence is both Natural and implied.


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