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Essential Point:

Awakened-Doing is doing that is done from the seat of Consciousness rather than the seat of the Ego. The quality of Energy that flows into the Doing is conscious rather than Unconsciousness and it is the next stage of Doing for our species as we head into the New Earth.


Awakened-Doing is Doing that is done from the seat of consciousness, rather than the seat of the Ego.

Knowing that you are consciousness, you extend yourself into and through the Doing, which is to say that consciousness flows into the Doing. In Un-Awakened-Doing, or “normal” Doing, there is Ego-investment in the Doing, which implies that you derive your sense of self, or Identity, through the Doing. Egoic Doing results in competition and violence while Awakened-Doing results in cooperation and Peace. Egoic Doing is done from a place of fear while Awakened-Doing is done from a place of Love.

As you progress along the Awakening-Journey and continue to shed illusion through the ascension of consciousness, the Nature of your Doing will become increasingly Pure. The quality of consciousness that flows into it shifts beyond Ego-investment and instead is invested with Presence and Love.

At this Level of Consciousness, Doing has nothing to Do with gain or achievement – it simply becomes a vehicle to further your own consciousness transformation and to facilitate that for others. Further, Doing at this level is no longer Stressful because there is no Attachment to the outcome. The Doing in and of itself is Self-Fulfilling so that the totality of the process is fully enjoyed and appreciated.

Awakened-Doing is the next evolutionary phase of our species. And as this transformation of Doing unfolds, many current organizations and businesses will not be able to adapt and will collapse. Ultimately, this process of iterative Natural Selection is necessary if we are to survive.


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