~ Awakening Journey

Essential Point:

The totality of incarnations through which you attempt to wake up from the Dream of Ego to fully Realize who you are in Truth.


The Awakening-Journey refers to the totality of your incarnations through which it is attempted to wake up and fully remember who you are through Self-Realization. As such, the Awakening-Journey is inclusive of your Time spent spiritually asleep (i.e. unawake) and does not just begin upon the beginnings of your Awakening to Truth. Your Time spent Dreaming the Dream of Form is a very important part of the Awakening-Journey, as without it there would be nothing to Awaken from. Remember – without illusion there is no Enlightenment.

The Awakening-Journey can span over many lifetimes, or incarnations, as there is no guarantee of Awakening in your current lifetime, or Incarnation, which is why you shouldn’t try to force it. If it’s meant to happen in this incarnation it will happen. If it doesn’t then that’s okay too.

As we are not aware of our Karmic inheritance and Soul Contracts upon entering this Incarnation, we cannot say with any degree of accuracy how much Time we need before we begin to awaken, and how much time we need after that to fully Awaken. All we can say is that Time is necessary until it is not; Suffering is necessary until it is not; and the Ego is necessary until it is not. When these things are no longer necessary, they can be released. Further, it’s helpful to remember that Awakening cannot be achieved or forced, only Realized – and such a Realization is beyond the efforts of Mind.

It seems most likely that completion of the Awakening-Journey results in the opportunity to Escape the Birth-Death cycle of Reincarnation so that you can blissfully merge back into the Formlessness of God.


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