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Essential Point:

True Beauty is beyond the personal Mind and Body as it is the Essential recognition of the Alive One Beingness that is Present in all Life forms. Through Self-Realization, the World is perceived from a place of True Love so that Beauty is seen everywhere and in everything.


The most unevolved, lowly Perception of Beauty is what someone looks like on their outside – their image, if you will, which not only includes the aesthetic of their bodily Form, but also what they Do and what they Have.

Encouragingly, the World seems to be embracing a collective shift of determining Beauty not from without, but from within. Increasingly people of the World would now say that it is your heart, or your kindness, or your giving Nature that determines your level of Beauty, and yes, while these are all relatively true and closer to absolute Truth, they are still ultimately subtle judgmental determinations made on the level of Mind.

In Absolute Truth , what is recognized as Beautiful is the Being itself, and this Being is something that not only all humans share, but all Life Forms share. In this sense, the tree is as Beautiful as the woman, which is as Beautiful as the man, which is as Beautiful as the cat, which is as beautiful as the rock – every expression of Consciousness is as Beautiful as the other for it is all of the One Being.

As your Consciousness evolves your Interpretation of Beauty will naturally start to move this way. What previously was meaningless and void of Beauty will now hold incredible Beauty, as the Beingness is what’s recognized and not the Form. An Awakened Being can stare at the Beauty of a flower for hours with absolute delight as they recognizes the same essential beingness in it as they see in themselves.

In essence, Perception of Beauty evolves as your Consciousness evolves. Observe what you find Beautiful in order to get a sense of your Level of Consciousness – if you find Beauty in everything and you can Feel this Truth intuitively within yourself, then you Know that you are progressing on the Awakening Journey.


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