~ Being

Essential Point:

Being is the Indwelling Pure Consciousness that Intelligently empowers and embodies all Forms to make them come to Life. In Essence, your Absolute Identity is of Pure Being.


As Being is beyond the Human Mind, it is ultimately incomprehensible to the Mind, yet in Essence, you are the Pure Being, which is what enables the Mind’s Existence.

There would be no Human without Being. Thus, you are more essentially Being Human than a Human Being.

There are many Humans, but only One Being. Being is not exclusive just to humans – it is the Unity Consciousness that serves as the primordial, underlying Essence to all Life Forms in existence, connecting us all and making everything One.

To be disconnected from Beingness so that you only know yourself through your Human Form is the basis of Ego Creation, which is also the basis of all attachment and Suffering.

Awakening is the process of transcending the Human to Know yourself as the Being that enables the Humanness. You Realize that Beingness is the Foundation and your Humanness is the surface. Your awareness shifts to Realize that you are essentially Consciousness expressing itself through the vehicle of your Human Form for a temporary period.


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