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Essential Point:

Beliefs are the Conditionings of the Mind that make up the structure of the Ego. Your personal Beliefs color the World you see and ultimately create a False sense of Reality that only lives within your individual Mind.

To Believe something is Real that is False is Insane. In this sense, the Awakening Journey is the unlearning of the insanity that has been conditioned into you through the delusion of your Beliefs. This is the Essence of what it means to “Rewire the Mind.”


A Belief is a deep-rooted Thought Form, or Opinion, held on the level of Mind of the individual Human. It is created and sustained through the conditionings the Human inherits and receives throughout the Life Journey.

Yet, if you Change the conditionings, the Beliefs Change too. In this sense, Belief is nothing more than a Judgment of the Person, making it untrue, or unreal on an Absolute Basis. Relative Belief considered to be Absolute Truth is ultimately a form of insanity that serves as evidence of the indwelling Egoic dysfunction. There are many Beliefs, but there is only One Truth.

As you Awaken to Higher Consciousness and Transcend the Conditioned Mind, you Transcend Beliefs as well. You shift from believing in and defending your Relative Reality to Knowing the Absolute Reality. And the Absolute Reality is beyond the World of Opinions, which is to say, beyond the Mind. No longer do you Believe this or that or Believe this is right or that is wrong. Now, there is simply what is, and you Realize that Belief itself was simply a mechanism of the Egoic Mind to try to Interpret, Control, and Label the Unknown.

As a function of the Ego, Belief divides and Separates us. On the other hand, Knowing unites us. Belief is of the many, while Knowing is of the One. Belief is of your personal, Relative Reality while Knowing is of the impersonal, Absolute Reality. As you Awaken out of the Dream of Form you Let Go of Belief to sit in the Seat of Consciousness rather than the Seat of the Ego.

This is not to say a thought or opinion cannot be expressed, but it is to say that you no longer derive a sense of self through these thoughts or opinions as to create mental positions that you feel the need to defend with your Life, as if they were your Life.

When you reclaim the Consciousness from your Mind, which is the essence of Awakening, Beliefs are transmuted into impersonal Thought Forms, which you can express as you wish and let them be without having to defend them. This depersonalization of Thought minimizes Resistance to the Now so that Life can flow freely, which yields great Peace.


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