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Essential Point:

Challenges are a necessary aspect of the Awakening Journey as they serve the Essential Function to Evolve your Consciousness.


The way in which you Interpret Challenges depends on your current Level of Consciousness. If you are Unconscious, which is to say, if you are Identified with your Conditioned Mind, you will Victimize yourself and Interpret Challenges as an unfair and frustrating experience. In other words, Challenges will make you Suffer and serve to deepen your Unconsciousness.

On the other hand, if you are already Awakening and have stepped into Courage so that you are now growing in Consciousness, Challenges will be appreciated and seen as something to be grateful for because they offer an opportunity to deepen your Consciousness, to deepen your Presence. In this sense, when Unconscious, Challenges make you more Unconscious, and when Conscious Challenges make you more Conscious.

Regardless of whether you are Unconscious or growing in Consciousness, which is to say Unawakened or Awakening, Challenges are necessary to Evolve. No Life Evolves without Challenges. No Form of Consciousness Evolves unless it faces Adversity. In this sense, for Life as Consciousness to Evolve we need Challenge. We need Adversity. This has been proven True at every point in our Observed Existence.

In the context of Spiritual Awakening, Challenges are a necessary and crucial part of the Awakening Journey. Whether you are currently still asleep or Awakening, Challenges serve to ultimately make you more Conscious. In the asleep, or Unconscious state, Challenges cause Suffering and thus deepen your Identification with the Mind and thus deepen your Unconsciousness.

Over enough Time, and over enough Challenge, the Dream of Form will increasingly turn into a Nightmare so that the Ego becomes so heavy that you are forced to go through what is often referred to as the “Dark Night of the Soul,” during which the Ego tends to collapse in on itself. While this is often a destabilizing and frightening experience, the Ego Death Dissolves the Suffering entity and opens the door to Peace through what subsequently is an Awakening Consciousness.

In this sense, Challenges were necessary to induce more Suffering so that Suffering could end. You needed Challenges to make you more Unconscious so that you could ultimately become Conscious. You need to Challenges to thicken the Ego so that it could collapse the Ego. Such is the Paradox the Awakening Journey. Without Challenge, without Adversity, the Dream would have remained a Dream and not turned into a Nightmare so you would have been more content with staying asleep. In other words, “Ignorance would have remained blissful” and you would have understandably preferred to stay in cozy slumber.

As you begin to Awaken – after the Dark Night of the Soul and initial Ego Death – Challenges continue to remain, and while their value now comes in a different Form, their Essential purpose remains the same – to make you more Conscious. After the Inflection point, instead of making you more Unconscious Challenges now deepen your Consciousness. They make you more intensely alert and Present so that you can further Notice and Disidentify from the Mind and experience Life Situations from the Seat of Consciousness itself. In this sense, Challenges deepen your Presence and further solidify you as the Watcher.

Challenges continue to remain of value and service until you are fully Conscious, which is to say, until Challenges cannot deepen your Consciousness anymore, because you are already Realized to be Pure Consciousness. At this point, you are fully Self-Realized and the Game is over – you are ready for Nirvana, Moksha, The Kingdom of Heaven, or whatever other expression that points to the Liberation from Form. When you fully Realize Self as the Formless, you no longer have to Reincarnate into Form.


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