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Essential Point:

On the level of Human, Change is the only constant.

On the Level of Being, Changelessness is the only constant.


On the level of Human, Change is the only constant. That is to say, on the Level of Form, the content of the World, everything is subject to inevitable Change – nothing lasts forever, everything is impermanent. In Time, everything must Change shape in one way or another. Everything of Form will ultimately Dissolve back into the Nothingness from which it came.

This is why when people Attach to and therefore derive their sense of self through Form, from the World, which is subject to dissolution and therefore inherently unstable – whether it be the Human Body, the Human Mind, their job, their Relationship, their possessions, or any other condition or circumstance – one finds themselves to Feel unstable and is plagued with dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and Suffering. There is no Peace to be found in the World of Change. There is no Self to be found in the World of Change. To Believe so is to subject yourself to a lifetime of seeking and never finding.

On the level of Being, however, Changelessness is the only constant. Every Form must return to the formlessness from which it came, a formlessness that never Changes. We Know that this must be true as for Change to occur there must be some underlying substrate that does not Change – a never changing field that is held constant for Eternity.

For change to be observed on the surface there must be some unchanging observer underneath. Formlessness enables Form just as Changelessness enables Change just as Timelessness enables Time just as Spaciousness enables Space just as Silence enables Sound just as Being enables Human. It is here, in the Dimension of the Unchanging, that one Realizes their True Self.

When you stop looking for the self in that which must Change and instead Realize that the True Self must be in that which cannot Change, you begin to wake up to the Truth. There is a Dimension of the self that is recognized to stay constant as your Life progresses and Life situations Change – locations, Relationships, jobs, health, status, moods, personality, financials, interest, titles, among many more…

And as you observe the World of Form swirling around and everchanging, you may begin to wonder who is the “self” that is noticing all of these Changes, and you may even sense the utter Changelessness of this observer that remains constant despite any external storm that is experienced. It is through this Awareness that you begin to see that you are the Awareness itself and not what is being made aware of.

You Realize that you cannot be what is endlessly changing but you must be the constant that lies underneath all the Change, you must be that which enables the Change to take place in the first place. A simple yet powerful analogy is that you are not just the ripple on the surface of the ocean, independently swirling around and changing shape with every movement, but you are also, and more Essentially, what the entirety of the Ocean that lies underneath and enables the ripple to exist.

You are, most fundamentally, the calm, constant, stillness that is endless in its depth and never changing. You are the entire ocean, which is inclusive of and inseparably connected to the ripple. Remember that for Change to Exist, something that is Changeless must Exist too, something that enables the Change – you are that, which cannot Change and enables Change.


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