~ Compassion

Essential Point:

True Compassion is the Essential Realization that the Suffering of one is the Suffering of the One, and therefore the Suffering of all. It is the extension of Unconditional Love to another through the Knowingness that there is no other. And further, humans can only act according their Level of Consciousness, so nothing is actually personal, which makes True Compassion Unconditional.


Compassion is a State of Being that grows proportionately with your Level of Consciousness. To be of true Compassion is a Natural State of Being, but it is forgotten when you are Identified  with the Mind and living in Survival Mode, in which you cannot recognize the Suffering of others as your own, for you Believe you are a Separate Being, and not One Being, and therefore are only looking out for your own interests.

As you ascend in Consciousness and rise above the Ego, you Transcend the illusion of Separation and realize the inherent Oneness with all Life, which extends beyond the single species of Human Beings to include all species and all Beings. And realizing the Essential sameness that we all share, you Know that when one Being Suffers, the One Being Suffers. It is at this level of Consciousness, beyond the Ego, where true Compassion is realized and reflected in one’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors. It may be at this point in the Awakening-Journey when you find that you reduce or completely stop your killing of bugs.

The state of true Compassion is altruistic in nature as one is extending their Love to another as if there is no other, and without the expectation of receiving anything in return, as one realizes we are all One and the benefit of one is the benefit of the One, which is all. Thus, the arising and offering of Compassion to all who are Suffering is a natural side effect of Dissolving the illusion of Separation and Awakening to your True Self, as Love itself.

Further, you recognize the predicament that the majority of humans still face today, which is not their fault. As you can only act according to your level of consciousness, and never beyond it, most humans are unknowingly caught in the unconscious grip of the Ego, which is the entity responsible for creating their Suffering and unloving Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors. Through Awakening, you can look upon this Unconscious dysfunction that so many are stuck in with deep empathy so that you do not take anything personal because you Know nothing can be personal. They simply don’t know any better and they need Love to heal.


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