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Essential Point:

Your most Essential Self is most essentially described as Pure Consciousness.


To this day, there is no unanimous, widely accepted scientific definition of Consciousness, and it will likely stay this way as long as scientists continue to attempt to define Consciousness from the level of Mind and matter. The fundamental error of this approach is that Consciousness is beyond the Mind, making the Mind an unsuitable instrument to capture its Essence.

Consciousness, and specifically Pure Consciousness, is the fundamental Identity of who you are in your Essence. It is the fundamental, underlying substrate to all that is. It is the unchanging formlessness that enables all Form to take shape and enables all sense Perception to be perceived. It is everything and yet it is no “thing,” as it is the Spaciousness that enables all things.

It is the Silence that enables sound. It is the Changelessness that enables Change. It is the fundamental background to the foreground. It is what is in you and of you as well as everything and everyone else in the entirety of the Universe. It is the Unmanifested Source from which all in Existence manifests. It is Eternal, infinite, beyond Space and Time, and yet inseparable from all, as it is of all and all is of it.

Pure Consciousness is an ultimately immeasurable field of the highest Frequency of Unmanifested Energy. Pure undifferentiated potential that serves as the One True Absolute, from which all else is relative.

Pure Consciousness differentiates into trillions of Manifestations of Form – whether it is a rock, a flower, an animal, a human, or another World – and it holds the shape of that Form temporarily before inevitably Dissolving back into its undifferentiated state of Formless Nothingness.

It is undefinable, inscrutable to the Human Mind, and yet still intuitively Known as the Truth of who we are and what Existence is.

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