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Essential Point:

To Control is to Resist, which creates Stress and Suffering.


Control is an Illusion of Mind that ultimately causes Suffering because of our inability to Control. The attempt to Control what is, is to Resist what is, and Resistance is nothing more than the Conditioned Mental Position of how things “should” or “must” be, rather than Accepting how things are, as they are.

The urge to Control is the Ego Mind’s attempt to manipulate circumstances that ensure or maximize odds of its individual Survival. The Ego wants whatever is best for its own interests and it will attempt to control the situation to position it in its favor. And when every Human or group of Humans is trying to do this at the same time, you can see how conflict rather than cooperation arises.

The more “Controlling” someone is, the greater their Indwelling Ego Density. This person will almost always Resist what is, rarely “Go with the Flow,” and instead always have a strong opinion on what should happen and when. And if those things don’t happen as they want, they tend to throw an “Ego Tantrum” and get quite irate.

This is evidence of a largely if not entirely Unconscious person that is Evolutionarily Immature, meaning they are not yet an evolved Human that is Spiritually connected with their Beingness. They are Lost in their Mind and only know themselves through the Conditionings of this Mind, which colors the World they see and imposes Mental Positions on The Now.

People who are Controlling are stuck in the World of Duality in which Judgment prevails. At this Level of Consciousness, there is a Right way and a Wrong way and Controlling people always Believe that their way is the Right way. As the saying goes, it’s “their way or the highway” – these are quite unevolved Humans. This is not a Judgment but a Discernment – they are stuck in a very low Vibrating Unconscious State of Being, in which, there is very little to any Being at all – they are all Mind. Their Minds are very heavy and it can be exhausting to be around these people because their Deep Unconscious Energy is rather Toxic and infectious so that it poisons all of the Presence in a room.

As you begin to Awaken – which points to the influx of Consciousness that occurs as you Liberate yourself from the Mind and all of its Mental Positions, Opinions, Judgments, Labels, Conditionings, and Beliefs –  your need to control what is begins to Dissolve, for no longer is there a “self” to impose on how things “should” be. Now, things are Accepted as they are, as if you had chosen it. Resistance is released.

As the Awakening deepens, it is further Realized that any Perception of having Control is in actuality an Illusion of the Mind, for we are all living Here in the Unknown, and ultimately have no definitive sense of what is going on, whether we like to admit it or not. The Illusion of Control brings us some Perceived comfort and security, which is why we like to believe in it, yet it is nothing more than a delusional Coping Mechanism that we use to mitigate our Fear of the Unknown.

In the Unconscious state, we Fear the Unknown, which is to Fear God, and we try to do all that we can to Control our little Human lives, but as we Awaken we Realize the absurdity of Control, for to Control The Now is to Control God, which no Human can do. And so instead, we must Surrender to the Unknown and release our arrogance and admit our humility – we must “drop our pride” as the saying goes, which is to “drop our Ego,” and we bow before the Great Unknown.

When we step into the Unknown we come into Power as we Realize that our Fear was the Fear of Nothing – it was all a trick of the Ego to keep us in the Mind and out of our Heart so that we would keep feeding the Ego to keep it Alive. When we summon the Courage to embrace the Unknown, we come to Love it, which is to come to Love God.

In this sense, we ultimately Realize that the attempt to Control our lives is what’s controlling us. And only when we release Control through Surrender are we Free to be.


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