~ Courage

Essential Point:

True Courage marks the inflection point of stepping into Consciousness from Unconsciousness.


Courage is the Great Inflection Point. It is the inflection point between what is False and what is True, between the lower self and the Higher Self, Between Separation and Oneness, between Unconsciousness and Consciousness, between Survival Mode and Creation Mode, between Suffering and Peace, between Judgment and Acceptance, between Fear and Love, between Asleep and Awake, between Form and Formlessness, between Physical and Spiritual…

this list can go on and on, but these several examples show the fundamental shift in Consciousness that occurs when you step into Courage, which open the doors to massive Change and growth in your Life. Do not confuse true Courage with Worldly Courage, which is a primitive Egoic Interpretation of taking perceived risks in the face of perceived Worldly danger – this is not true Courage as there is no Real danger in illusion.

True Courage is the willingness to step into the Light by trekking through the Darkness. To Let go of illusion by releasing your defenses and surrendering to the Unknown. It is the Transmutation of Fear into to Love, and the beginning of Awakening  to the true One Self. The moment you truly step into Courage you start to reclaim your Power, which is a reclamation of Consciousness. You begin to take back consciousness from all the varying forms of Life you have mistakenly given it to.

Courage marks the beginning of aligning with True North, as indicated by your Spiritual Compass. No longer are you wandering aimlessly in the hedonistic circles of the Ego – for perhaps the first Time you are now headed towards the Light. Even though you may not be able to yet see the Light with any sharp clarity, there is a deep and indwelling sense within you that can intuitively Know that you are headed in the True direction.

From the viewpoint of the World, this path may be perceived and labeled as pathless, but that is okay and even an encouraging sign, as the Worldly human and Awakening  Being have opposing interpretations of Perception. Trust your Inner-Voice to lead you, for that intuitive voice is the whisper of God itself, guiding you on your way out of this World. Make no mistake, the experience of True Courage marks the beginning of the rest of your Awakening-Journey, and it is God‘s greatest blessing and indication that you are ascending towards Pure Consciousness.


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