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Essential Point:

Creation Mode is the Conscious State of Being through which you access The Now to Empower intentional Co-Creation.


In opposition to Survival Mode, which is an Egoic, Unconscious State of Being, Creation-Mode is a Conscious State of Being that accesses The Now to empower intentional Co-Creation. In Truth, The Now is the only place and state of Consciousness in and through which True Creation can occur.

When one Transcends survival mode to access Creation-Mode, Lack and Fear transmutes into abundance and Love. At this Level of Consciousness, you become empowered with the infinite support of the Universe so that the Here & Now becomes a portal to participate in True Manifestation. No True Creation can take place in Survival-Mode when Consciousness is asleep and the Ego is in control; this is a state of Reaction, not Creation.

In Creation-Mode, Energy flows freely and flow state is the normal, default state of Being. At this level – Love, abundance, opportunity, and wealth are drawn to you as your Higher-Consciousness Energetic Vibration is of a certain magnetism that attracts these higher Frequencies into your awareness and influences your life situation.

Our ability to Truly Create is a primary function and purpose of Being Human, yet this function can only be Realized if we first Realize who we truly are in our Essence. Otherwise, our Creations are born not from the Pure place of Presence, but from the corrupted origin of Ego, which contributes to deepening the Insanity we currently find ourselves in. Through Awakening to the Higher Consciousness that we are, this then reflects in the energetic nature of our human doings.

Awakened-Doing is the next phase of human evolution. We will increasingly access the Vertical Dimension to Consciously Create on the Horizontal Dimension. We will bring the Essence of who we are into the Forms we develop and live with so that challenges are met with Equanimity rather than Stress. In other words, we will bring the purity of Spirt into the Physical Dimension. And when this occurs, we can expect to see greater Peace, enjoyment, and cooperation as sustained side effects.

It is likely that many current, Ego-dominated organizations will collapse because they won’t be able to handle the shift into consciousness the world is experiencing. Other organizations will adapt. More new organizations will be born. This is all Natural and necessary as we head into the New Earth.

Creation-Mode is the natural, birth right State of Being for our species, yet we must first wake up to who we are in order to access it.


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