~ Dark Night of the Soul

Essential Point:

The Dark Night of the Soul marks the Inflection Point in the Awakening Journey through which Suffering becomes so intense that the Ego collapses in on itself and you take your first true steps into Consciousness from Unconsciousness. The Caterpillar Transforms into the Butterfly.


The “Dark Night of the Soul” is a period of both great Suffering and great Opportunity for those on the Awakening Journey. Contrary to what the title suggests, it does not have to be a single “night,” and in fact, it usually stretches over an Unknown period of perhaps many months to many years.

It refers to the intensified period of great Despair, Stress, Fear, and Disillusionment that accompanies the complete Identification with the Egoic Mind and, given the intensity of Suffering, unfortunately brings many to Suicide. It is at this point in the Awakening Journey where most Suicide Attempts occur.

I urge you, if you are currently going through this phase of the Journey, in which everything looks bleak, you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what to do or where to go, you don’t know what Life is, and the World simply feels too heavy to bear – just hang on and Surrender to your Suffering.

Paradoxically, when your Suffering is greatest you have never been closer to Awakening, which makes you a moment away from Peace. Release all Resistance through the complete and total unconditional Acceptance of The Now. Let go of the urge to Control your Suffering and simply say “Yes” to it, for just on the other side of this Darkness is the Light, but you have to go through it, and to go through it you have to transcend denial and face it. Lean into the Suffering, and if you do get through it, you are ultimately rewarded with tremendous Peace and Wisdom offered directly from the Divine itself.

The Dark Night of the Soul will be a stretch of extreme Challenge and Discomfort, to an intensity that you’ve probably never experienced before, but it is also the entry point to Awakening, through which you inflect from Unconsciousness into Consciousness. Peace is right around the corner and the Essential “doing” is to Surrender to the Present Moment, regardless of what the Present Moment holds. Accept it as if you had chosen it and your Mind will quiet down.

By Surrendering to the content of The Now, which is presumably quite frustrating and intolerable at this point in the journey, you give yourself the space and permission to connect with that which resides beyond the content – the infrastructure of The Now itself, which enables and houses all content of The Now. And what you will sense when you connect with the Formlessness of The Now as opposed to the Form of The Now is it’s Unchanging Essence, which is of Peaceful Joy and Stability. The weight of the World, which is really the weight of the Mind, will begin to lessen and You will begin to lighten.

As you go through the Dark Night of the Soul, see if you can sense even the slightest bit of Indwelling Peace that remains within while simultaneously noticing the chaotic swirls that rage on the surface of your Life. By noticing these two Dimensions simultaneously you can begin to discern Life from your Life Situation; to discern the Formless from the Form; and to discern the Ocean from the Ripple.

This is why the Dark Night of the Soul is ultimately a great opportunity, because on the other side of this Suffering is Peace, which is the end of Suffering. It’s as if the Dark Night of the Soul is the Firework Finale of Suffering, after which you Realize that you don’t need to Suffer anymore. In this sense, the Dark Night of the Soul often marks, but does not guarantee, the precipice of Awakening through which you take your first steps into Consciousness from Unconsciousness and begin the rest of your Life as the Butterfly.


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