~ Death

Essential Point:

Only that which is not Real can die, which makes the Real you Eternal.

True Death is the end of Form, not the end of Life.


The meaning of Death depends on your sense of self. If you Believe you are Separate from everyone and everything else, then your sense of self is naturally Egoic and is derived from the Material, sense-perceived World of Form. From this Level of Consciousness, Death understandably appears very frightening, as the Death of the Body is the end of the self. When the Mind and the Body Dissolve, the “you” as you know it dissolves with it and you are gone.

in Truth , Self is not limited to or defined by the Physical Forms of Mind and Body, but is beyond them, as the One Self is what enables the many forms of Self, which include the Mind and Body. From a higher level of Consciousness then, the meaning of Death is quite different. If you identify “your” Self as Pure Consciousness, which is pure Energy, then Death is not the end of self but simply a transmutation of self, a metamorphosis of Energy from one Form into another, for Energy cannot be Created nor destroyed, only transmuted. From this level, Death is not the end, only a transmutation.

As an Incarnation of God you are inseparable from God and as God cannot die you cannot either. With this Knowingness, you can Trust that you do not die when your Form dissolves. Yes, your Body and Personality as the physical and psychological forms dissolve, but the real you, the Essence of who you are, remains. And that Essence simply reincarnates to take on another Incarnation in another Form. The Nature of your Reincarnation depends on your karmic profile, which is a reflection of the collective net Energy accumulation over all of your incarnations.

In both the un-awakened state and Awakening states, Death becomes a process of returning to Source temporarily in order to determine the Nature of your next Incarnation. The Birth-Death Cycle repeats until you reach true Liberation, at which point all Karma, or Egoic Energy, has been worked through and there is no need to Reincarnate, for there is Nothing left to learn in the classroom we call Earth. In other words, having fully Self-Realized you have completed your earthly function and now have the opportunity to rejoin with Source. Note that not everyone rejoins with Source just because it is possible.

it is also important to Know, however, that Death through Suicide will not help you to reach Nirvana and merge with Source- you will simply Reincarnate with heavier Karma and have to repeat the cycle. There is no moral Judgement against Suicide, but it must be Known that the perceived Escape of this individual Incarnation does not allow you to truly Escape the Birth-Death Cycle we call Life. Only Enlightenment can and will offer that, which is the essential purpose of Being Human.


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