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Essential Point:

The Root Cause of Desire is the Egoic Mind, which is the Cause of all Suffering. As you continue to Awaken, the Ego will continue to Dissolve, which will loosen the needy grip of Desire. In the fully Awakened State, there is no Ego so there is No-Mind to Desire. In this fully Conscious state, you are simply Being, which is beyond Desire.


The state of Desire is the state of Seeking, which is the state of lack. You can only Desire something if you do not yet already have it, that is if you are not already Whole. It is only in the Egoic state, or the “Mind made” state of Existence where you Believe you are Separate, divided, and therefore incomplete, or un-Whole.

Over 2500 years ago the Buddha highlighted how he teaches two things – The Cause of “Suffering” and “The End of Suffering.” To this point, the Buddha taught Desire as the Cause of Suffering and the end of Desire as the End of Suffering.

When you Awaken through Self Realization, through which the Identification with the Mind melts away, Desire melts away with it. When we Know that we are ready Complete, Whole, and Fulfilled, and are in need of nothing else, there is no possibility to Desire. And we know that if the sense of Desire arises, it is not of us, but of the Ego that has yet to be fully Dissolved.

To Desire is to be of lack while the lack of Desire is to be of abundance. Only an unaware man would look to Fulfill his Earthly Desires as a way to Achieve lasting Peace and Happiness. Of course, it is understandable why humans get confused. When you achieve or obtain some Worldly aim, whether it be a house, car, promotion, bonus, Relationship, job, status, or anything else for that matter, there almost always is an accompanying – and short-lived –  feeling of Euphoria or Perceived Bliss  – a sense that “you made it” and now you can finally have Peace. This is quite common for those who have reached “retirement.”

What is widely misunderstood, however, is that this relaxing feeling of Blissful Peace is not from the achievement, but from the collapse of Desire that temporarily suspends the Ego, leaving only the fullness of the Present Moment to be recognized and felt in its entirety. In this moment, the quieting of the Mind allows you to experience the richness of the Now without any mental blocks so that you become One with the Now – this merging with the fullness of the Now is the cause of your Peace, not the achievement.

However, because the fulfillment of a desire does not dissolve the Ego Structure, but only temporarily suspends it, Desire will inevitably arise once more, now Seeking something else. You got the big job to get the big house, but now you need to fill all the space in the house with a bunch of “stuff.” Oh and you also need the sports car to park outside in the driveway. And if only you had a pool to put in the back yard, it’d be perfect.

The primary point here is that as long as the Egoic Mind Structure remains intact, and not Dissolved, Desire will continue to rise again and again in various manifestations throughout the course of your Life so that true Happiness and Peace will be forever out of reach. Always Seeking, never Finding, or never finding for long that is.

The attempts to satisfy the desires that you think will bring you Peace are actually what is blocking the Peace that you already have from being Realized. True Peace has always been with you as a birthright State of Being, but it has been blocked by the Egoic Mind, which has confused you to Believe that the way to Peace is through External Achievement, not Internal Realization.

Through Awakening, you increasingly Realize that you have been getting in your own way the entire time, and that the way to Peace is not through Fulfilling desires but by eliminating the Desire that is blocking the Peace that you already have.


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