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Essential Point:

A Dimension, or Plane of Existence is a Level of Consciousness through which you Interpret Reality and construct a sense of self. The Awakening Journey is one in which you Transcend the various Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Dimensions of Existence through an Ascension of Consciousness. The Fully Conscious State marks the Absolute Dimension, which is the Dimension of Source  – the Home of God.


Planes of Existence, or Dimensions, represent different levels of Reality as determined through Consciousness, which is Energy vibrating at different Frequencies.

Each Dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below it and as you ascend Dimensions, which is to say as you ascend in Consciousness, Perception becomes more True so that Interpretation is less biased by the Conditioned Mind, which is the Ego.

All Dimensions are relative derivations of the Absolute Dimension, which is that of Source itself. The closer you ascend to the Absolute Dimension, the greater the Power and Freedom you have to Create and Manifest on the Mental and Physical planes.

Awakening is the process of “Dimension Jumping,” through which you Transcend the various planes of Existence to ultimately merge with the Pure Consciousness that is Self.

Most humans today are stuck in the Physical, Egoic Dimension of Consciousness that is made in the Conditioned Mind. If this Level of Consciousness is not Transcended it seems likely that you will remain Earthbound, stuck in the burdensome and repetitive Reincarnation cycle and further Suffering until the lessons are learned and the Shift in Consciousness takes place.

Fortunately, we are starting to see the beginnings of a mass exodus out of the Third Dimension that currently predominates Humanity, and this exodus marks the Global Awakening Movement underway – it is the next phase of the Evolution of Consciousness as we come into the New Earth in the New Age.


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